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    I just started the candida diet about 4 days ago, and am having troubles finding things that I am aloud to eat that keep me full and give me my recommended daily intake for vitamins and minerals (like protein, Iron, and Fibre, calcium, etc) I eat mostly vegetarian, but eat meat maybe once a week. Can you recommend any cook books for the candida diet that are good, or recipes other than what’s on this site? I am okay for breakfasts’ (eggs, veggie omelets, or quinoa) but for snacks and lunches, and dinner, I am having a terrible time finding new things that I can eat while staying completely away from the “do not eat” or “avoid” food lists.

    Any ideas, cook books, or recipes??



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    Without meat, you will have a tough time, since I rely on it for so much protein. However almonds and walnuts are good, and full of protein. I eat alot of them. Rice will also help keep you full for awhile.

    I also started eating greek yogurt with berries (frozen due to season) and a little dry oats. I am still unsure about oats, since some things say eat and some say stay away from. So I did wait until 8 weeks into diet before adding. But helps makes the yougurt filling.

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