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    Help!! Candida not working!

    I suffer with psoriasis, arthritis, cystic acne, dermatitis, severe IBS and yeast infections (since I was a child, I’m in late 20s) and recently discovered the Candida diet.
    I’m now going into week 4 of the diet. And I am very tired all the time, unable to workout, sleeping well though. Fatigued.

    I’ve found that the my acne has improved, only a couple of spots not and then (which is annoying but no where near as bad as it once was), psoriasis behind the ear I thought was improving, but no real improvements.
    However my IBS has seen significant improvements! To go from using toilet 5/6 times a day to now- which is around once a day, sometimes twice.

    Letme give you an idea of what I eat:

    Bone broth soup with cauliflower and leek blended in. Or just plain bone broth.
    Organic chicken (with skin mostly, praying I don’t have to give that up!) with sautéed spouts and courgettes.
    Lots of avocados, raw (and sometimes cooked) onion (not red), garlic, ginger. Lots of herbs which are allowed.
    Coconut aminos, salt, fresh ground pepper, onion powder (is this allowed?!).
    I snack on fresh coconut. I don’t drink the juice though.
    And I drink filtered water mainly butsometimes with a lemon because I need something to taste now and then!
    I also snack on organic almond butter which I think might be my downfall!

    I made some coconut bread the other day but altered it just using coconut flour and coconut milk, coconut oil. Very coconutty! Had a very small bit as I don’t think I’m ready for it just yet.
    Had eggs which I’ve decided to cut out to in order to try and follow AIP (auto immune protocol and cut out all nightshades).

    Supplements: cod liver, probiotic, zinc, iron, tumeric tablets. Once a day.

    Any advice?
    The diet is becoming easier in terms of routine of what I’m eating but I really would love to see an improvement in my skin. I’ve had psoriasis for 20 years and would love to experience it clearing up!
    So much conflicting information, I just really want this to work for me! I’ve got the will power just somewhat lost!

    Thank you


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    I’ve also got ‘psoriasis’ and used to have bad arthritis in my hands when weightlifting and eczema on my hands. I believe the so called ‘psoriasis’ is a result of food allergies caused by leaky gut. I am allergic to many things but seem to tolerate them more and more as I focus on improving the health of my gut which is where almost all symptoms come from! My eczema and arthritis has gone and my psoriasis is getting better. I recommend doing a food allergy test, I used this one https://www.bodykind.com/product/1327-food-detective-food-intolerance-test-kit.aspx#description but any will do. Foods which I didn’t expect to show did such as eggs and cows milk, but the key indicator was mushroom and yeast which were showing a very strong reaction. Before using this kit, I had no idea what candida even was!



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    Thank you so much Lewis! This is a great start and I will definitely try that food allergy test.
    Very helpful information


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