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    You all might be interested in this article:


    I am seriously considering quitting the vitamin C after reading this. I’m at least going to be doing extensive research on google scholar.


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    A very brief google scholar search brings up plenty of evidence that is contradictory to that article.

    Gonna go sob softly into my vitamin bottles.


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    One of the things that the health companies don’t want is for people to not take vitamins but instead take drugs to treat their problems. I think this may be apart of the reason they wrote up this article.

    However, I also feel that you should only take vitamins if you are dead certain you are deficient in certain ones. For instance, we have little vitamin C on the diet so its a good one to have. We also might not get enough essential fatty acids as well.

    I had a post last week where I talked about how I supplemented myself with calcium, magnesium, and zinc for the last 2 years or so daily. I was taking 100% DV. Anyways, I developed some heart problems a few weeks ago and its because my calcium levels were too high.

    Certain vitamins like calcium have drawbacks, especially for men. I would only stick with ones that are safe. Biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin K have no drawbacks if you supplement with them.

    Vitamin C also could be made from GMO corn so be sure to research your vitamin C supplement because it could pose problems.



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    Calcium seemed to cause problems for me as well, but I still take Zinc and magnesium. I think I get plenty of calcium from yoghurt and kefir.

    As I get better, I am trying to supplement less and less.

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