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    Okay… so prior to going on the Candida Diet, I was already gluten free, refined-sugar free, and primarily vegan due to digestive issues and food allergies. I exercised regularly and drank plenty of water. However, I was always bloated and could not lose weight no matter what. It is believed now to be the candida overgrowth that has caused me to not be able to lose weight and tone up. I’m not overweight, but I would still like to loose a bit of extra weight.

    However, it’s been 5 weeks since I started the Candida diet, and while my sugar cravings are less severe, and my skin has cleared up a bit, I seem to get more and more bloated all over my body as time goes on. As a teen, this is really hard on my self-esteem. Any suggestions? Am I not releasing the toxins properly? I know that although I primarily eat vegetables (with maybe avocado, nuts, or organic chicken every now and then) for every meal, I’m extremely constipated. I take probiotics, have a liver assisting powder every other day, and try to have a glass of lemon water every morning before I eat anything. What am I doing wrong?

    High school graduation is in just a few weeks, and I would like to have this be less of a problem by then. Thanks!


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    Hi egs18,

    There are more knowledgable folks than me on here that could probably comment, but I have become fairly convinced my bloating is due to leaky gut and an inflamed, impaired intestinal wall.

    I upped by dosages on Vital Nutrients GI Repair Products and started drinking Slippery Elm Bark Tea and order some L-Glutamine in an effort to heal the intestines.  I seem to be seeing an improvement on the bloating and discomfort.  I think it takes a lot of time and consistency to heal up and have symptoms go away altogether.

    Something else that helped is increasing the probiotics.  I take Mercola’s in the morning, a body ecology GI support pack with lunch and dinner and sometimes another mercola at night before bed, for around 75-110 billion CFU a day, which seems to be the recommended amount for Candida, Leaky Gut, etc.  I had to build up that slowly, but it seems to have helped, as well.

    Oh, you may want to try Fermented vegetables, which can take some need away from taking probiotics even.

    So much going on in our guts, it seems like it’s hard to be sure of anything, but I think the above helped me, maybe it can help you too.

    Oddly enough, my problem through all this is maintaining weight.  But, I think that is because I am normally thin and apparently my ability to digest fat was impaired according to a lab test I took


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    Are you seeing a Functional Medicine doctor? Because they will be able to offer tests, advice, etc.

    The excessive bloating may be SIBO related. Have a look at what Chris Kresser recommends for Candida sufferers (Low Fodmap diet). That may help.

    In the mean time you could try reducing the amount of fibre you eat to see if the bloating eases. Lots of soups, juices, broths will give your gut a break.

    The majority of people on here have constipation, you aren’t alone! Mines crazy. Maybe try  increasing your fat intake?

    Good of luck with it


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    The bloating is related to inflammation and liver health and your colon getting plugged up.  If you want a quick trick to reduce bloating, try out chamomile tea (like 3 cups per day).  This will stimulate your liver and cause you  release everything in colon and then the bloating should disappear.  It is also anti-inflammatory I believe.  I went back on it after doing s.boulardii protocol for a few weeks this week and bloating is gone.  Then the bloating will return but the chamomile tea helps keep things moving in general it seems like.


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