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    Hi All!
    I have been looking at this forum off and on for years but have never contributed before,but I would love to know if anyone has had a similar experience as me. A quick history…10 years ago I had to do a years worth of heavy duty antibiotics for chronic UTI’s and a chronic kidney infection that was a nightmare to clear up. I eventually cleared up those infections, but was left with a completely depleted body/gut/immune system. My body was a mess, and I eventually started having horrible yeast problems, that led to a very difficult and severe candida problem.I had it EVERYWHERE. I had rashes, severe bloating, thrush both orally and vaginally, awful brain fog, chronic fatigue, swollen and bleeding gums, constipation and IBS like symptoms..(i only say like because it was never constant) angular chilitis, cracked and bleeding lips, awful congestion, My body had no defenses. I did multiple stool tests which showed incredibly low to NO levels of many strains of the good bacteria we need to have a healthy gut. I tried for several years to contain it with natural supplements, was spending up to 600 a month on supplements that only kind of sustained me, but i didnt see any real improvement. ( I know you all can relate) Went on the most strict no carb candida diet imaginable, (protein and veg and avacado only) I eventually found a dr who got me on fluconozole, and nystatin, of which I stayed on for several years, they were the only things that gave me some hope and relief from these awful symptoms. I am now happy to say due to the discovery of supplementation of HCL Betaine w pepsin, prescript assist probiotics, okra pepsin,glutamine,and VSL#3 probiotics I am now in the home stretch of my recovery and off the medication! My Question refers to weight gain. When I first started the diet, I lost weight and maintained that weight and was able to eat large amounts of the foods I could eat, but then a few years ago I started kind of ballooning up. I gained 15-20 LB in 2 years (which is alot for me) mostly in the mid section. Literally like I am storing fat for the winter. I started to see some improvement when I discovered I had low stomach acid and got on these probiotics, But I have been reintroducing some carbs back into my diet (sweet potatoes, almonds, coconut bread) and now I am swelling up again. I know it is an obvious metabolism/gut issue, and its not good to go as extreme diet wise as I did for as long as I did.(6 years) And I know its vital I get some carbs back into my diet as I was without for so long. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on supplements to try? Or if anyone has had a similar experience and found something that helped them? I would love any thoughts, I have discovered so many helpful things from this forum, I thought I would give it a shot! (Oh I have had my thyroid and adrenals checked and they are ok)

    Much love to everyone, I know how difficult it is to recover from this crazy illness/imbalance.
    thanks! MH


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    Thanks for sharing what has worked for you. I am severely underweight so I am not familiar with weight gain problems. I am using foods like quinoa and buckwheat that contain starch, fiber and no sugar.

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