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    Hi all!
    I’ve been stalking this forum for over a week now and just completed my first week on the diet so was wondering if those of you with more experience (ie all of you) would mind giving me some feedback?
    I have to start by saying that I have been wheat/yeast/caffeine free for 4 months now. Completely gluten-free. But I was eating fruit (berries mostly) and brown rice, corn tortillas, the occasional glass of wine (NOW MISSING!!!) and then…since I felt so much better…I started putting gluten free items back into my diet. Like gluten-free lasagna, potato chips, gluten-free bread, even gluten free chocolate cake and cookies (which were completely delicious sorry to say). I got so hung up on the gluten-free thing that I forgot about the candida which was the whole reason I started!!
    Since a week I have been truly sugar free and have been eating mainly veggies only (on the list), eggs, chicken, fish and coconut bread. I had started an antifungal (before I got the diet from Able) and got hit hard with die-off which was something I never experienced with my first diet… sped to the vitamin store and started taking the molybdenum (thanks Able – you weren’t kidding!) and milk thistle which has helped but I have to say my energy level is still quite low. Quit the antifungal (FS422) although I plan to begin again tomorrow since by then it will have been a week plus I feel mostly better.
    Quick questions which I hope don’t sound too stupid:
    Almonds? Walnuts? Read yes somewhere but then no somewhere else…Love the almond butter but haven’t been eating it this week.
    Tomatoes? Yay or nay?
    Coconut bread is ok for the entire diet correct? I hope so…already grown attached…
    Also, thoughts on Quinoa and Kombucha? I read Kombucha has probiotics so it might be helpful?
    Finally – does anyone else miss their wine with dinner???? So bummin… 🙁 Need sympathy.

    Thanks all! Here’s hoping for success on your end too!


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    i think there is more than one way to get better, and im personaly doing the website diet with and open mind to the advice on this fourm, with the foods that Able doesn’t recomend and lisa does i eat in moderation. like quinoa and nuts. good luck!

    xxx bouncy


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    I’m always of the thought that Almonds are OK but Walnuts only if you buy them with their shell and crack them yourself, otherwise they develop moulds very easily. They are technically not on the foods to eat list so others will disagree with me on that one I’m sure.

    Tomatoes are all good as is Quinoa but as for Coconut Bread and Kombucha I have not a clue I’m afraid.

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