Week One Down

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    I’m just a little over a week into my diet and my symptoms only seem to be getting worse. My biggest and most debilitating symptom is vaginal itching and burning. I used to be able to get through the day using topical ointments to manage the symptoms, but for the past eight days I’ve had to reapply every two hours just so I don’t go crazy. Other symptoms include tingling in legs and arms, involuntary ticks, sore lymph nodes, ring in ears and acid reflux. I want to believe that this is just the die off happening but I’m nervous that since I’m not seeing any changes that the treatment is not working. I am taking anti-fungals and probiotics every morning so am frustrated that i haven’t started to see any improvement yet.

    Am i being impatient? Has anyone else gone through painful die off symptoms for an extended period of time that lasted more than a week? I have been dealing with candida for over a year now and am becoming extremely frustrated so any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Have you tried backing off the anti-fungals to see if those possible die off symptoms subside?

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