We can do it!!

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    I am 29 years old and recently diagnosed myself with Candida. I think I was always sensitive to it. As far as I can remember as a teen I felt fatigue and had fungus in my toe nails, which was taken care of with a prescription my doctor gave me back than.

    I have been very healthy in most of my 20th.. till about 2 years ago I was under a lot of stress, ate out more and had a yeast infection, which happened 3 months in a row, the last time I took a pill my doctor gave me and it went away. I tried to control my stress for that. Last year I started drinking few times a week, drank all summer,ate out, partied a lot, had fun but.. by fall I started having this terrible tightening feeling in my throat, the more stressed I felt the worst it got. Also horrible leg itching, muscle twitching once in a while, sometimes would last for few days. I started having swelling under my left eye, went to a doctor who couldn’t figure it out. The front of my scalp was kind of dry and had a white coating on it. I also started having fungus in my toe nails again. Relaxing was definitely the way to control the symptoms, wasn’t always possible though. This whole past year I felt something was wrong but couldn’t figure it out, I was more depressed, mood swings, irritated, angry, couldn’t concentrate at anything, very fogy.. etc.
    2 1/2 years ago I was the positive person who cheered up the world, I was strong and all the sudden everything changed, I couldn’t control my own feelings. I became restless and a miserable person, had to have a shot of adrenaline to feel better. Unfortunately I knew its time to grow up and stop partying. My new year resolution was to stop drinking. Though I stopped drinking I still didn’t feel better, the tightening in my throat was driving me crazy, I felt dead, I thought I might as well be one!

    Couple of months ago I was on vacation, ate out, lots of sugar, which I never do. Add some big amounts of stress. I started to develop strange symptoms, went to doctor and was diagnosed with yeast infection and Bacterial Vaginosis. Got on antibiotics. Changed my diet to healthier one too. Went back to another doctor few days later as symptoms didn’t change and got worse after antibiotics. He said first Antibiotics didn’t work, Now he put me on stronger ones for 7 days with a yeast infection treatment to follow.

    I didn’t know I was on the candida diet already kind of (since I strict what I ate already) called my doctor everyday with all those symptoms I thought were from medication, now I know it was Candida die off. Once I was done with both treatments symptoms were still there. I was feeling very weak, tired, strange muscle pains, strange mental state. I thought I was going crazy till I figured I am detoxifying from something. Since I pretty much started the candida diet without knowing couple of weeks earlier, I now went strict on it. I guess I am on it though for 2 and a half weeks.

    Just finished strict diet day 3. Also been taking for past three days 3 times a day the Reuteri Superior probiotic (Multi stain) from whole foods for Digestion, immunity and nutrient uptake. Reducing it to 2 pills daily now and adding Kefir(From Goats). Gosh that kefir gave me some die off symptoms immediately.
    Another thing to mention, couple of days ago I had what looked like fungus in my feces, I guess I am on track. Changing my diet wasn’t too bad, I usually eat all those healthy foods anyways. Fruits is the only thing I am missing.

    I am experiencing a lot of twitching in ear, left eye, which pretty much stopped few days later. Also strange joints aches, which will disappear a minute later. Strange headaches. I also am having strange pulsation feeling in my private area, like something is moving there, is alive, real strange. My yeast infection is dying out though.

    When my eyes start burning I make sure to drink extra water which solves it right away, I read it something to do with liver function. I don’t have lots of energy overall, not too bad though. I think now it mainly affect my mental state, I really thought I was loosing my mind today, my vision have weaken and I felt very depressed, irritated and disconnected. I really had to pull myself back to reality.
    The body symptoms are nothing compared to the mental ones. I need to remind myself its not me but my Candida die off symptoms.

    I am gonna start adding Oregano Oil to my everyday for immunity. Not sure when,focusing on listening to my body for that.
    As much as I wanna give up, I know it’s for the best, things will change soon, in the end of the dark tunnel there is always LIGHT! I read a lot of frustrating posts here and I had to say; If we believe, we will see the light, lets practice trust!! I am gonna start meditating more too, to keep my brain in track.. it is a mind body and soul overall thing. Candida starts when we subject ourselves to the lower frequency of being, the more joy and content we feel inside the faster it will die.

    So no matter how scary and lost we all feel in that tunnel in the near future, we all have unbelievable strength inside, if we ask for it, its always there. There will be light in the end, we will succeed!

    “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”
    Henry Ford


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    Welcome to our “club”.

    It is always nice to have positive people and congrats on taking the plunge into the diet!

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