*warning – pics* Struggling to identify and heal a skin condition – Please help.

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    Please help me. I wrote on here in May discussing the same symptoms. They are stil exactly the same. I am a 23 year old guy who has not suffered from any major acne. About a year ago, I began noticing these red pimple-like bumps on my face. They do not feel or behave like any regular acne I have had before.

    They are inflamed, itchy, and sometimes form a head that oozes clear / yellowish fluid when popped and then forms a crust. When the crust is removed (for example if i take a shower or touch it, it easily is removed) there is a slight wound. It looks like a very small area of raw skin.

    I have been to one of the best dermatologists in my city and he told me he did not know what it was. I am a type 1 diabetic and had alcohol in my diet almost every day for two years until I stopped two weeks ago. Also, I slept with a girl without protection and Im scared it might be an STD that has broken out now perhaps?!

    The bumps on my face range in size from small to quite large (the size of a 25 cent coin) and take about a week or so to heal. I also noticed I have been getting an itchy raised patch of red skin randomly and rarely on the knuckles of my hands, about one or so at a time. I thought these bumps were being triggered every time I drank alcohol but I couldn’t find a consistency. Now I completely gave up alcohol it is still flaring up randomly.

    I feel as though it is completely destroying my life, there is hardly any day where my face is clear, there is about 1-5 very noticeable bumps on my face at a time and when they heal another quickly comes up. I do not leave my house anymore, I do not sleep with girls anymore and it is stressing me out and making me depressed. Any insight into what this is would be great. Thanks. I have attached a photo this time of a a bump that formed today on my forehead that is quite large. Sorry for the gross factor. I just really need help.

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