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    So im about to begin adding some vitamins into my diet, buut i dont know how to incorporate all these plus the antifungals and probiotics. Ive got vitamin A,D3,C,E calcium and magnesium (in one capsule) and Zinc. Any help with incorporating all this and the antifungals,probiotic and milk thistle. Im overwhelmed with so many, I dont want them not working.



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    This isn’t so overwhelming if you start them one at a time as suggested on the Vitamin, Mineral post. By waiting a few days between adding supplements you can work it out easier. All of us who are on the treatment now or have been in the past did it, you can as well. Read the instructions on the post above to know which supplements you can take together, which to take after meals, etc.



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    If you think you got it rough…you should see how many vitamins I am taking. I spend about $400 every two months on vitamins and it takes 5-10 minutes everyday to organize and prepare my vitamins everday. I take about 15 capsules with each meal and a few between meals plus homeopathics between meals. What I am doing is really rough but somehow can manage!


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