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    Hi l’m new to this forum but not to candida had a flare up 3 months ago have been on the
    diet but can anyone recommend any vitamins I could take wondered if vitamin c can be taken if so
    which one.


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    I m going through die off I believe right now so I m taking about 2000 mg of vitamin c but I read last night to take up to 4000 to keep your immune system ok. Its a high amount and can cause some stomach discomfort but I know its needed for me right now. Just get regular vitamin c with nothing added


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    the Vit C brand which is worth every penny is
    E-ster C (as recommended in this forum’s protocol)
    It’s not from synthetic ascorbic acid
    and has all sorts of additional benefits. Besides,
    I’ve found it so MUCH easier on my system. You can
    take up to GI tolerance (you’ll know what I mean if
    it happens) and then back off from there to gauge how
    much you’re particular system is craving to put to use.

    E-ster C infor

    Many blessings and wishing you vast holidays graces.


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    Is taking echinacea, my antifungals and vitamin c too much on my body? Or should I keep my immune system up? Question for flailing w candi. Thanks


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    Garden of life is a good brand of Vitamin C. It doesn’t have all the binders and fillers that other supps have. The way they process their vitamins can be a little easier on the digestive system.

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