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    Able I am taking Organic women multivitamins New Chapter Organics, I ve been trying different and this are the only ones don’t bother me. ( headache, tummyache)

    The apple cider vinegar suposse to be diluted? I did not know, I tried this morning a tea spoon ( pure) I almost die.. goodness, the only goood thing is that woke me up but my throat is sore.

    before my eyes were so itchy, but not much my body, but now I am itchy all over?

    Sauna? is ok to try?

    Why my butt muscles and upper arms are sore? any idea

    I am going to start grapeseed oil today I am a bit afraid of the reaction.

    Mornings still hard for me, nausea, dizzy, weak, sweaty, goodness what is this. I hope this “creature” die before I do! :o)

    Thanks guys for the help!


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    Keep it up! Able will discuss his views on the vitamin soon.

    The apple cider vinegar is an antifungal like the grapefruit seed oil extract. These both will cause you to feel worse, but it will reduce the numbers of candida to allow you to get better.

    The itchiness is very common and I was surprised by it as well. Just tough it out and it will slowly go away over time. Same with the muscle aches.


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