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    I have another question also please. A week ago I got a really bad cold. Not wanting to take any medicines, I stopped yogurt for a couple of days and increased my intake of vitamin C.

    With regular oil pulling, my cold is gone but I love these vitamin C tablets. Until then I was only taking it naturally through the lemon detox drink.

    Anyway so since then I have seen some of my symptoms return like rashes and itching on the face. SO I was wondering if this one is safe. Mine are Limcee tablets with

    Ascorbic acid IP 100mg

    Sodium Ascorbate IP 150mg

    They taste really nice and I had started taking them as something of a treat.



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    Hi, Johnny.

    Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, and it really doesn’t matter how much or how little you spend on it, in fact, some places in the US put them on sale for 2 bucks while others continue to charge 6-7 dollars or more for a bottle making all sorts of claims about them which really make no difference in the long run.

    If you prefer, you can obtain vitamin C in the pill form instead of chewable, at least you can in the states. You’d get more out of it if you’d find a 500 mg tablet instead of a 100 mg. Taking 3000 mg a day will pretty much insure that your body is satiated with V-C at which point you would be fully protected.



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    Thanks a bunch Able. I was wondering if it had any sugar content actually.

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