Vitamin C

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    Katy Gillett
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    I’ve read on numerous occasions that you should take a lot of vitamin c while on the ACD and I’ve been told to drink hot water with lemon.. plus eat lots of veggies of course which are high in vit c too but I just read this:

    Citrus Fruits
    Citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C, a necessary vitamin for boosting the immune system and warding off disease. However, overconsumption of vitamin C may inactivate insulin produced by the body, allowing blood sugar levels to become elevated, according to Dr. Balch.


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    Hi, Katy.

    Obviously there are mixed opinions on the efficiency of vitamin C (as with everything else it seems) in connection with Candida.

    Many doctors and other so-called ‘experts’ claim that Candida, as well as bacteria, fungi and parasites can be killed off by high dose vitamin C.

    A while back I read a report by one doctor who claimed that a Candida infestation could be cured by “too much” vitamin C. That may or may not work this way: Too much vitamin C in the body over a period of hours or a day or two causes one to throw up as well as having diarrhea. The doctor claimed that, if this went on for an indefinite period of time then the body would eventually be rid of all the Candida. I have no idea if that would work, of if it’s ever worked for anyone, but it sounds a bit scary if you ask me.

    At any rate, I can say that I’ve taken vitamin C for the past 30 years at least, and I didn’t slow down my intake with the onset of Candida at all. In fact, if anything some days I took more than normal.



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    I wonder what is meant by “overconsumption”. Some of the VitC supplements out there are definitely in the mega-vitamin category, but others are more reasonable. In the States, the upper range of what’s considered optimal maxes out at 2000mg or 2g. And many believe that our recommended dosages for vitamins tend to be too low, so it seems to me that around 2000mg would be a “boosted” amount, but still within what the U.S. considers appropriate, i.e. not overconsumption.

    I’m taking the max amount daily right now, still trying to shake this UTI. It’s not looking good, though. I go in for a repeat culture tomorrow. We’ll see.


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    Hope wrote: … so it seems to me that around 2000mg would be a “boosted” amount, but still within what the U.S. considers appropriate, i.e. not overconsumption.

    Hi, Hope.

    That’s a reasonable assumption if you look at the AMA’s recommendations for V-C coupled with the alternative and preventive medicine opinion. But then there’s the research that’s actually been done with vitamin C and its effect on the human body.

    One of the most in-depth reports on vitamin C that I’ve come across is a report on the work and research of Dr. Linus Pauling, a chemist who actually won the Noble Prize in Chemistry for his work, you’ve probably heard of him.

    Dr. Pauling is the man who brought the idea of high-dose vitamin C therapy for colds as well as flu to the attention of the public back in the 1970s.
    In his research report, Pauling claimed that the average size human body would need no less that 3 grams or 3000 mg of vitamin C every single day to aid in preventing or shortening the time period for the common cold virus as well as bacterial infections. This statement stems from the fact that the human body is fully protected only when it is literally ‘soaked like a full sponge about to drip’ with vitamin C, and 3 grams is the amount that it takes to ‘soak’ an adult human body with C.

    Now let’s put this in perspective along with the idea of many doctors as well as other ‘experts’ who claim that we either shouldn’t or don’t need to be taking vitamin supplements because it’s better for us to obtain our vitamins from our food. I agree that it’s better to do this, but is it possible?

    Here’s how it would work if we did that:
    An eight ounce glass of orange juice contains approximately 124 grams of vitamin C. So how many glasses of orange juice would it take for us to be sure that vitamin C is soaking our bodies with enough C to prevent colds and flu or infections? I think that’s somewhere in the area of 24 eight-ounce glasses a day.
    This is part of the reason that I ignore (or laugh at) any comment or statement that even hints at the idea of not needing vitamin and mineral supplements in order to remain healthy.

    Hope, as far as what over-consumption means in the area of vitamins, no doubt the meaning is different for each contributor. For example, when I was a child, and my sister or I would start sneezing, Mom would starting giving my sister (who was younger) 500 and me 1000 mg of C every hour for up to 5 or 6 hours to stop the onset of the cold or whatever was causing the sneezing, and it worked a lot more times than not. I seldom had a bad cold as a child, but of course, Mom made sure we stayed healthy in other ways as well.

    Good luck on the culture today, Hope. Please let us know the outcome of that.

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