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    I am writing this in hopes that someone who has gone through a similar experience can give me some help and advice. I apologize for the long post, but I have been battling this for over two years and hoping to get better feedback based on my inclusion of all the details.

    I have been suffering from a persistent thrush/Candida infection localized in my throat since Feb of 2013. I had strep throat in February, and took a 10 day anti biotic treatment. 2 days later, my throat felt weird and after seeing my family doctor, I was told I had thrush. Here’s the thing. What followed in the following year was a mix of doctor incompetence, misdiagnosis, my own initial lack of knowledge about Candida and treatment, low willpower with diet, another dose of anti biotics, etc… which in my opinion, all somehow strengthened or changed my thrush/candida condition (my previous problems with IBS may also have contributed)

    The weird thing about my “condition” is that I only notice a few certain symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth. I have thrush (white on tongue), bad breath in the mornings, and am constantly clearing nasal drip and spitting (the biggest annoyance). I don’t notice anything like fatigue, dry skin, or any other symptoms associated with Candida. Other indicators are that I get crazy sugar cravings when I’m strict on an anti Candida diet. I have less cravings if I stray off the diet (drink alcohol, eat sugar, etc) but the symptoms mentioned above get worse.

    I will try to outline it all in a descriptive timeline.

    Feb 2013 – strep throat, anti biotics

    March 2013 – thrush, doctor tells me to treat by rinsing with vinegar, avoid sugar and alcohol. What about probiotics? “Eat some yogurt. Should be fine in no time”.

    Summer/Fall/winter of 2013 – I see ENT specialist, oral hygienist, allergist, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor (my diet at this point is still avoiding sugary foods or drinking alcohol. Still eating regular carbs, dairy, a fruit here and there). I go through various western anti fungal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, get told it may be a bacterial infection (given more anti biotics), allergist has me go on allergy diet (I can tell right away it’s not an allergy, because some of the foods I start with should not be taken on anti Candida diet and predictably, my symptoms don’t let up in the first week and give up). This all happens over the course of about 10 months. My symptoms waver and change but ultimately I still have thrush by the end. They did a saliva sample test to find that it was negative for Candida (however was told later it may not be accurate because I was taking anti fungal prescription medication at the time)

    2014 – I give up on seeking outside professional help and start doing my own research. I begin a series of anti Candida diets. My problem was every time I went on the diet, I invariably broke it by discovering something new I shouldn’t have been eating through more research. Traveling, eating out with friends/family, potlucks, and the like almost always make me break my diet. It always feels like my condition reverts to its initial stage once the diet is broken.

    2015 – Each time my will is strengthened and my diet gets stricter and I introduce more anti fungul foods or probiotics into it. (Coconut oil, Pau d’arco, all sorts of probiotics and over-the-counter Candida treatments, Apple cider vinegar, etc). I even tried this homemade “tonic” that’s supposed to boost immune system and fight infection and Candida:

    It’s probably had the most noticeable effect (die-off), but after a month of drinking it, my symptoms plateaued (still occasional spitting), I ran out, and my symptoms came back after I cheated a little bit.

    Present – Instead of listing everything I avoid, here’s a quick list of foods I eat on an average day:
    – Instant oatmeal with yogurt for breakfast
    – Salad for lunch (with my own dressing)
    – Slow cooked meat with veggies (almost no carby veggies except for the occasional carrot or potato) for dinner or
    – Buckwheat groats or occasional wild rice with veggies.
    – I drink only water or herbal tea
    – I’ve also recently started eating a lot more probiotics to see what happens (kefir, sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi in addition to probiotic supplements).
    – Additionally, I cook and prepare with coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and take oil of oregano, as well as the tonic mentioned previously. I just bought some spirulina and grapefruit seed extract.
    I travel across the border at least once a month (in addition to eating out or at a friend’s/family outing where I’ve been able to control myself better over time). This means I cannot bring any meat/veggies with me and have no time to shop or cook when I’m away on that weekend. I have never been able to sustain this diet for longer than a month.

    I’ve been battling this for over 2 years. The quality of my life, my energy, my romantic relationships, my self esteem and overall health have taken a toll and I just want this to be over.

    Kind people of the internet, is there anything more that can be done? Any more specialist? A secret I’m missing? A super effective probiotic I should buy? Do I have to bite the bullet, isolate myself from the world, so I can focus on sustaining this diet for 3 months or something!?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    – Alexey


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    First of all I would aim for positive diagnosis. As I mentioned in the most recent posts, you should aim for the candida hypo-sensitization test which can be done at most allergy clinics. This will tell you if you are allergic to candida and thus are not fighting it. You then can take candida hypo-sensitization shots which cost about $750/6 months which elevate your immune system into fighting yeast. You’ll need to do the diet during this time also.

    It also sounds like you haven’t really stuck to any specific plan to get better and just are taking probiotics and antifungals, which won’t get you better by themselves. Check out some of the more typical ways people use to get better here:

    Here are some books about fighting candida if you want to educate yourself more:

    You likely have a co-infection such as sibo, h.pylori, etc. The oral thrush doesn’t necessarily mean yeast infection especially when you don’t have all of the symptoms.



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    I would also consider professional help and advice because treating this on your own could be costly and you might not get the results you are looking for. A good naturopath with 30+ years experience likely can get you better within a few months.



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    Thanks for all the info, Raster. I’ve been diving down the rabbit hole, reading and brushing up on my research. I’m particularly interested in trying out this S.Boulardii yeast to combat my oral thrush.

    To clarify, I don’t have many of the symptoms or any risk factors (besides the antibiotic treatment i received) of other co-infections (sibo, h.pilori, not sure what others there may be). I know my IBS plays a role somehow. I only got it about 5 years ago when i was working a crappy rotating work schedule at my old job. One thing I’ve been contemplating is my energy levels and willpower/focus/clear-mindedness. I know that they are a symptom of candida overgrowth, but I’ve always attributed these things to my personality, habits, addictions, my willpower, etc. However, I know they’ve done tests on rats to see how gut bacteria affects their behaviour. The rats that were given probiotics (don’t remember which ones), were more resilient and determined in their pursuit of escape in an enclosed pool. The control rats that were given sugar pills gave up very quickly. Definitely raises many questions into who we all are as a person. What makes us, us? My point being, there is probably an imbalance in my gut that is related to yeast somehow and that perhaps both are affecting my personality. But how can i tell? I feel like I’ve lost my motivation in some areas and have low energy during many points of the week (I mostly attribute this to my low carb diet). The reason it’s hard for me to accept is because I’ve also become very active in my social life and eating healthy (due to the diet) for the past 2 years. I have learned to cook, I have learned to dance which led me to a relatively stress-free life. I have taken up yoga recently. I have also overcome my depression from 5 years ago (a continuous process, but I’m rarely in the dumps). This is why this condition is so perplexing to me. I will have to do more investigation and testing it seems.

    I’ve made a detailed plan for myself in the coming weeks:

    1. Get a blood test to check for candida antibodies
    2. Get a comprehensive stool sample as well
    3. Get a vitamin deficiency test (to get a better sense of what supplements to boost my immune system with)
    4. Will try to get a Hypo-Sensitization test from allergist
    5. Visit my Naturopath to get more info and update my results. I’ve actually visited a naturopath over six months ago with all my information stated above, including my treatment methods and products. She agreed that it was a candida overgrowth and mostly agreed with my treatment plan. She gave me a few tweaks to my treatment method and probiotics to try. She was recommended by a friend in the health care profession.
    6. I’ve also booked an appointment with my dentist shortly after reading about silver amalgam fillings potentially posing a problem. After seeing him briefly to check my teeth, he told me that the baby tooth that used to have a silver amalgam filling (and was since replaced) doesn’t show anything in the x-ray, but he could see a dark splotchy area underneath the semi-transparent new filling, that he says could be some left-over. The choice of replacement is up to me. The replacement would compromise my tooth and i only have insurance until the end of the month. Still facing the dilemma of going through with it or not before i lose my insurance.

    I will try this treatment protocol which is much more detailed and comprehensive than what I’ve been doing :
    After consulting with my naturopath, I will see if i can integrate the enemas + S.Boulardii treatment in as well.

    Any more advice or suggestion for me?



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