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    I am an ex vegan, now eating organic meat on this diet… and I’m basically force feeding myself organic animal products and I hate it.

    I am new to the diet… and I am only now realising that I am not allowed to eat pumpkin or carrot? But then immediately below the list of foods to eat (where neither of these vegetables are listed) – it states how to cook carrot? It’s extremely confusing.

    Am I allowed these vegetables? I am 7 days in.. and I’ve been eating both of them, roasted and also steamed. I have had huge waves of die off already from the diet, I’m not sure what eliminating these foods would do if I’m already having die off.

    Also, almost all yoghurt has sugar… yet it says to eat it…

    Nightshade vegetables are listed as being ok on the diet but I’ve read they’re extremely bad for digestion… so I’m not eating them.

    The foods listed to eat are extremely limited, making this diet a frustrating one.

    Basically, I just eat chicken/salmon with green vegetables for 12 months? Oh, I just tried bone broth… and I almost vomited!


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    Hey, your gonna find a lot of different candida diets around but the diet that is used mostly here is Rasters, here is a link:

    Carrots and other starchy vegetables are not allowed because of the sugar content, basically feeds candida. If your having die off, you could try drinking more water, activated charcoal etc. to reduce the die off symptoms, or you could simply reduce the usage of antifungals. Maybe your not having die off but symptoms from the starchy vegetables your consuming?
    In terms of yoghurt, Greek yoghurt and Kefir are the only types of yoghurt that are recommended in order to repopulate the bacteria in the gut. Some people may have symptoms with it and choose not to consume it till a later stage of the diet.
    I haven’t actually seen a diet where nightshades are recommended in terms of candida?
    The diet is hard but requires a lot of willpower to stick with it, the first few weeks of transitioning are the hardest. You don’t have to start eating meat if you don’t want to, you could try sticking with just vegetables though the diet will feel a lot harder. I personally stopped using the diet a while back because I couldn’t balance it with my work and decided to adopt a carnivore diet and haven’t looked back since. The carnivore diet feels a lot easier and the candida seems to be clearing up pretty well on it. Regardless, if you stick with it, you will see results.
    Bone broth is disgusting the first couple of times but its an acquired taste, I started craving it recently all of a sudden haha.
    Anyways, good luck with your journey!

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