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    I found this diet after searching for a holistic way to treat what appears to be infection(s) in my body. Of course, my eating is really out of whack. I exercise 5-6 days a week, but about two days a week I have a major sugar overload. I had a UTI, took medicine, but then some of the symptoms came back. I’ve read that the Candida diet doesn’t help any of the problems I seem to have, but I’ve also read many postings from people, here and elsewhere, that attest to its effectiveness.

    I know it’s going to be hard adjusting to this diet, but I definitely think it’s worth a shot! Anybody with vaginal infections and/or UTIs get any good results from this?


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    Me! 🙂 I’m not sure why anyone would say that reducing sugars/simple carbs wouldn’t help with bacterial or yeast infections. BOTH yeast and bacteria feed off sugar! Anyway – I’m pregnant and have had 2 UTIs with this baby and one (mild, beginning stage) vaginal yeast infection. I treated both with natural remedies + some traditional meds for the UTI, again because of the pregnancy. For the first UTI I just did the diet and an antibiotic. For the second one, I really wanted to attack it, so I ddi the following:

    I followed this AC diet – it closely mirrors diets suggested for infections (I found them in natural pregnancy books). I also drank 8 oz. of **completely unsweetened** cranberry juice every 3-4 hours and… get ready for this one… drank 4-5 liters of water a day. That’s a gallon or more. I tried to spread it fairly evenly throughout the day, too. I also took Echinacea tincture (alcohol-free, 1 drop per 2 lbs. of body weight) and unbuffered Vitamin C (Carlson’s is approved for this diet, 500 mg) every 4 hours. I also made a fairly concentrated infusion of nettle tea and drank a quart a day. I used the Traditional Medicinals brand of bagged nettle, but you can also make a loose leaf brew. I also drank plain kefir and took quality probiotic supplements. I was **super** diligent with the diet. I did take a second antibiotic (UTIs are fairly serious in pregnancy and I didn’t want to mess around). Between the drugs and the natural methods, my culture came back clear and all has been back to normal. I’m still taking a reduced dose of Echinacea and Vit C daily as well as 1-2 CranActin capsules daily as prevention.

    The vaginal yeast cleared up while doing the above (Echinacea & Vit C are excellent immune boosters) and also taking garlic capsules (a natural antifungal). I did apply plain, organic yogurt to the area for several days. You can google this and find lots of good info on yogurt applications.

    I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of work, but I was REALLY serious about getting the UTI under control because if I didn’t, the next step was to have constant vaginal (prophylactic) antibiotics – and I **knew** I didn’t want that with all the yeast issues I have!!! So, now I’m done with the antibiotics and focusing again on rebalancing my gut and erradicating the excess yeast.

    Hope this helps you!!!!

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