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    This is my first post here; however, this forum has been enormously helpful in terms of my journey on the candida diet. So thank you to everyone that contributes!

    Exactly a month today, my naturopath placed me on the candida diet, along with supplements to combat my candida overgrowth. Yesterday afternoon, I began to experience what I believe to be a UTI and it has progressively gotten worse. I have had these infections a few times before and always went to the doctor who would then prescribe me antibiotics. The last thing I want to do is take antibiotics and basically throw away this last month’s worth of will power and hard work. One of the reasons why I am in this mess in the first place is because I have taken so many antibiotics in my life.

    That being said, does anyone know of any remedies for UTIs that do not include antibiotics and fit well into the candida diet? I have phoned my naturopath and left a message, but he is so busy that I don’t know when I will hear back.

    Thank you for any and all help you can provide!


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    I believe cranberry extract or capsules can help (or the juice).



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    That was exactly what I was gonna advise.

    However, some research indeed finds such a positive effect, whereas a review of all available research turns up very little evidence.

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