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    I am SO devastated & sad right now !!
    I have another UTI & I’m out of my herbal remedies. My acupuncturist who has the chinese herbs that work for me is out of town until tomorrow so I resorted to taking Sulfameth/Trimethoprim. This is a big down slide & I’m wrecked about it.
    I felt something on Friday so drank a lot of water. Woke up Sat & it was coming on so I took a lot of Vit C & drank apple cider vinegar. I had super stressful jobs all day on Fri & Sat so I had no time to do anything else (tho did try acupuncturist office which was closed). Woke up Sun & it was full on so took the over counter pills that make pee orange. I was in so much pain & discomfort by early evening that I took the Sulfameth/Trimethoprim. I was experiencing pain on the left side of my back which means kidney infection which is the main reason I resorted to taking this nasty drug. I got the prescription a few months ago but didn’t take it because my UTI subsided w the herbal remedies.

    I woke up today exhausted, blood shot eyes, swollen fingers & still super sad. All I can do is continue this arduous fight against an awful annoying persistent pestilent candida infestation !!

    My history:
    I’ve been dealing w UTI’s & yeast infections for almost 13 years.

    I have been following this diet since January after a 5 day cleanse. I cheated mercilessly in April during 2 dinners out for my birthday & 1 dinner out in mid May. It was NOT worth it (well honestly except the night of my birthday, hot damn the food was great !). Do I recommend cheating ? NO !!!

    After inspecting my entire kitchen I surmised that there are 5 possible culprits that got me this time:
    – Rumford baking powder w corn starch in it. (I will buy the gluten free kind)

    – Trader Joe’s coconut cream (I ate 1 can this week)
    I don’t subscribe to this blog, but it shows what I ate

    – Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops (Vanilla Creme flavour)
    I used 5 drops in the coconut cream & have used this 3 other times in the past 2 months

    -stevia powder extract by body first (I had 1 tiny scoop this week)

    -1 cup of black tea w unsweetened coconut milk by So Delicious (drank this Fri morn needing the extra kick in the pants because I had a super busy 2 days of work)

    As for my diet this is what I consume:
    -bowl of oat brain mixed w 1 Tblsp unsweetened dried coconut, 1-2 Tblsp hemp seeds, dash of cinnamon or allspice, 3 Tblsp coconut oil
    -1 cup chicory root w 2 Tblsp coconut oil
    -1 Tblsp ACV in ¼ cup warm water

    Lunch & Dinner varies on what I feel like eating & what’s available in my fridge
    -buckwheat bread (recipe from forum)
    -grilled veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, onion, leeks, asparagus, )
    -roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussels sprouts)
    -hard boiled eggs
    -fish (almost once a week)
    -coconut oil (I go thru Trader Joe’s 16oz jar in 5 days)
    -boiled rutabagas w coconut oil & nutmeg
    -steamed kale w sesame oil
    -Salad greens (dandelion, arugula, romaine, mixed greens, endive, watercress)
    -salad w olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice & variety of herbs
    -Trader Joe’s greek yogurt
    -Trader Joe’s kefir or Siggi’s Kefir (almost 1 quart daily)
    -Sauerkraut w minced garlic & olive oil

    -raw veggies – celery, cucumbers, purple cabbage, radishes, sugar snap peas, kohlrabi
    -spoonful coconut manna
    -spoonful hemp seeds
    -toasted buckwheat groats w coconut oil & curry

    Knowing I was going to cheat on my birthday in April I didn’t follow the protocol /vitamin supplements but took the time from Jan-Apr to collect all the vitamins.
    From Jan-Apr I did take Molybdenum, Ashwaghanda, Vit C, milk thistle

    From mid April until I ran out of the vitamin; I purchased 3 month supply using the list below. I assumed that we don’t have to take all the vitamins all the time. Please correct me if I’m wrong in this assumption

    Protocol (mid Apr- mid July)
    -probiotics twice daily morn & eve
    -Vit C
    -Vit A&D
    -Vit D3
    -Swedish Bitters

    Currently taking:
    – probiotic Mega Flora 20 billion CFU’s w DDS-1 twice daily morn & eve
    (I have on deck after Mega Flora: Innate 50-14 w DDS-1)
    – Vitamin C 3000 mg daily
    – 1 Vit D3 5000 IU daily
    – Ashwaghanda
    – Swedish Bitters

    1) is there anything in my diet that I should eliminate ?
    2) Are all the 5 possible culprits mentioned bad for me ?
    3) While taking the antibiotic, how much probiotics should I take ?
    4) What do you recommend I do while taking the antibiotic ?
    5) Should I go back on Molybdenum after the antibiotic intake ? And take any other vitamins ?

    I really want to tackle this. I’m emotionally strung out from it all !!
    I’ve been clean & sober for almost 25 years & that’s been easy compared to this
    Looking for suggestions & hope
    many thanks forum members


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    Another question – what about anti-fungals ?
    Should I be taking Capryl, Oregano Oil again while on the probiotics or after ?


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    1) is there anything in my diet that I should eliminate ?

    I didn’t notice anything.

    2) Are all the 5 possible culprits mentioned bad for me ?

    Unless I’m mistaken, black tea contains caffeine. I would switch to nettle leaf or dandelion tea in place of the black tea.
    As far as the Sweet Leaf Stevia is concerned, it depends on the ingredients. The same goes for the Stevia powder.

    2) While taking the antibiotic, how much probiotics should I take ?

    A lot more than you are. Start adding at least 20 billion every other day, or if you run out of the 20B add one 50 billion capsule every three days. I would go up to at least 200 billion while on the antibiotic.

    4) What do you recommend I do while taking the antibiotic ?

    Stay on the diet.

    5) Should I go back on Molybdenum after the antibiotic intake ? And take any other vitamins ?

    If you want to, you can wait to see if you need it or you can start it back the day you stop the antibiotic.
    As far as other supplements are concerned, I would continue to take any supplements you’re now on. Just keep the probiotic number up for at least several more weeks to a month because the antibiotic can keep working after you complete the round.
    Stop taking all antifungals accept coconut oil, continue taking it because it will benefit the good bacteria.



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    Hi Able
    Thanks so much for responding !!

    As for black tea, I haven’t had a cup in over 2 months. I don’t drink caffeine; I just drink that nasty tasting chicory root in the morning. I only drank the black tea on Friday because of my work demands – two 16 hour days & one 8 hour day = 3 days of compacted stressful workload. Caffeine is not my friend these days that’s for sure.

    As for the stevia products, how do I know if they are safe or not ?
    They both say organic stevia extract. The sweet drops has vanilla extract & natural flavours which could be bad so I’m not going to use that one whatsoever.

    In fact I think it best to not use either one for a few weeks or month until this subsides

    Thank you for the remaining advice, I will diligently follow that
    again thanks so much !!


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    I had a UTI last week and I really think it was the Braggs AC Vinegar that treated it


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    I’m so glad Tanya !!
    Healing it herbally is always my 1st choice.
    When my back began to hurt, I knew I was in trouble. There was one time I tried to heal UTI w herbs (mostly cranberry pills) & it came on so strong that I had cold & hot sweats in the middle of the night. I didn’t want that to happen again.

    I vow to never run out of my chinese herbs again !!

    Good luck to you !

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