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    After ongoing incontinence, it was discovered that I had a UTI and I was consequently prescribe antibiotics. However, after researching on the forum I decided to use cranberry extract, urva ursi pills, vit C and nettle leaf tea as my main sources of treatment. I have been taking cranberry extract daily for the past 2 weeks and finished a bottle of 100 urva ursi pills but my intection is still prominent.

    I read that the use of urva ursi should not be prolonged so did not continue with another bottle, although I did feel that my incontinence was alleviated ever so slightly whilst using urva ursi.

    What should my plan of action be now? Perhaps it is too late to dismiss antibiotics as I’ve had this infection for a few months now and did not seek medical attention until recently.

    Can a UTI be completely cured without antibiotics? I’m too afraid to take them as I have been struggling to see major improvement on the diet thus far, after half a year has lapsed. On the other hand, I feel inclined to take them so that I can be quickly rid of the infection and focus on my candida treatment. Opinions please?!

    Thank you


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    Yes you can cure it without antibiotics. If you consulted a naturopathic doctor, they can cure it with homeopathics which have been around longer than western medicine. There are loads of other things you can do as well, I just don’t know about them.


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