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    As some of you guys know, I have some sleep trouble.

    Im looking (again) into using an antidepressant (mirtazapin) once in a while to regulate sleep.

    I’ve tried mirtazapin before, ½ pill before bedtime – It knocked me out for 24 hours like a zombie in a coma.

    Im temped to use it again, my MD tells me that taking 1 whole pill will be creating less drowsiness. The beneficial factors from the medication would be: 1. having a normal night-day ratio. 2. eating more, fighting adrenal fatigue better, 3. sleeping more.

    But then I though about SSRI’s antifungal properties, is anyone on here on Zoloft or other SSRI’s? And would it be beneficial in my case?


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    I take amytriptaline and stopped it a month ago for 2 weeks after using it for 10 years and I felt really strange and different. I couldn’t sleep very well after quitting it so now I am back on at 1/2 dose.

    I know SSRI’s aren’t recommended but am unsure whether the one I have taken is in that category or not. I wish I could offer good advice. I know of some alternatives that don’t come from a pharmacy, I also have tried many of the sleeping meds.



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    It is funny that you post this today. I have been off of zoloft for probably 3 weeks now. The past week, I haven’t felt horrible, horrible. I know the nd is giving me some great remedies to help; however, I know I could feel better. I have a little increase in symptoms the past week. Some gi flare ups at night, some tense moments, but nothing drastic like before, I can still handle situations better than I used to and actually feel like doing something. Just that zombie like feel, and brief moments of nervousness. So, I am going back to at least 3x a week 1/2 dose at night like I was when I was tampering off.


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    I believe there are times when it’s necessary for a Candida treatment to take a back seat to other physical and emotional problems, because often the other problems are stopping the progress of the treatment.
    In various research studies, SSRI’s have clearly demonstrated antifungal properties, but regardless of this fact, I would imagine that taking an antidepressant would have less of a negative effect on your treatment than the lack of sleep and a poor appetite does at this time. My advice would be to go ahead and take it.

    Sweet dreams.


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    I take prozac to help calm me down and also xanax to help me sleep. Its the only thing that helps me. I got bad insomnia after the Marines


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    I take Zoloft. I started it last September. It took me many months to overcome the anxiety to some extent. Mornings still were a tough time. Insomnia went away.
    Now, since I’ve started the Candida diet, I feel much better and my morning anxiety has amlost disappeared, too. Currently I take only 0.25mg/day (half a pill).
    Definitely the treatment with Zoloft helped me to stand on my feet again and start fighting the Candida. The control over Candida is doing the rest of the job.
    My recommendation is for an antidepressant, if it is needed.


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    Has anyone taken zoloft with grapefruit seed extract for the candida? It does mention contraindication with grapefruit.


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    Ask your pharmacist!

    Grapefruit is contra-indicated because it increases the potency of zoloft. This means that taking zoloft and grapefruit results in an overdose of zoloft. This even happens if you take zoloft in the morning and grapefruit in the evening, or the other way round.

    This interaction is caused by some compounds of grapefruit inhibiting an enzyme that metabolizes zoloft.

    These compounds are present in grapefruit and in grapefruit juice. I do not know whether these compounds (there are several of them) are also present in grapefruit seeds; maybe they are, maybe they are not. Therefore, please consult your pharmacist.

    An overdose of zoloft is no fun at all, it may have very serious consequences. Therefore, do not “just try”, but ask your pharmacist or another reputable and reliable source first.

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