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    Is it ok to take antihistamine during the cleanse. I’m on day 11 and still having allergies.


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    I would determine what the ingredients are in your medication. I saw one where (benadryl) it contained starch and cellulose; these ingredients will feed the candida. How much? Its hard to say, but it doesn’t help the treatment.

    I was able to get over all of my allergies by doing the diet for 4 months strictly; I hope the same goes for you. Also, in general the website states no medication is allowed (I am personally am taking sleeping medication for my chronic insomnia, and hope to stop this in the near future).

    I think in general, any use of meds/drugs will prolong the treatment. Also, I am no candida expert, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. I recommend finding a naturopathic doctor who can help you find alternative treatments for your symptoms; remember the dr.s come out like colors in the rainbow, so finding a good naturopath is recommended if you want to get better faster.



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    Actually cellulose is found in all green plants as well as algae; it’s the structural component of the cell walls in plants. Research shows that Candida cannot feed on cellulose. Also, cellulose is in practically every supplement that comes in capsule form.


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    I’d like to take back my comment about the cellulose; but everything else holds up. I would consider just using the medication until your allergies go away or at managable levels; or if the medication contains tons of bad ingredients, I would consider stopping it completely. It is just a tiny amount of medicine, so it may not set you back that much. With the candida diet, it can take a long time to get the results you are looking for.

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