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    At first I’d like to say thank you to everybody who helped me in my previous thread. I can’t tell you how greatful it makes me to have this place to come for support and knowledge. The appointment with my doctor really made me feel low and helpless. I’ll copy what I wrote to two of the members in an email. So this is my update:

    “I’ve got both positive and negative news. The doctor that made me
    feel like a looney actually ordered a test for candida, without me
    knowing it. I found out a day later and turned in my stool sample
    two days after that. I’m still waiting for a reply. Although it’s
    possible that my die-off and problems are due to bad bacteria, SIBO
    or parasites. I have never been sure which one it is, just that
    something is giving me symtoms and die-off after intake of antibacterial
    or antifungal natural medicines.

    The bad news is that she also told her collegue to tell me that I need
    a mental checkup. Lol. She though it would be good if I did a full
    psychiatric test to see what is wrong with me. Well, if they want to
    think I’m crazy that’s up to them. I’m just happy my doctor ordered
    that candida test, so I can find out for sure (even though the tests
    aren’t always right, it’s much better than nothing).”

    When I’m at it id like to ask about those stool tests. Can you rely on them?

    I also had problems with an urinary tract infection and this is my update for that:

    “I took two courses of antibiotics. The first one didn’t help at all.
    It even seemed to make things worse. Then I went on another round and
    my tests for bacteria came back negative. Though my problems wasn’t gone
    and they’re still there allthough much weaker. My doctor said something
    about urethritis, that the bacteria could have done harm that needed
    time to heal – that the lingering problems could be due to the harm,
    not depending on remaining bacteria. Though, I haven’t yet outruled
    the possibility that candida can be part of the problem. I have to
    wait and see what happens. I actually made my doctor order a test
    for candida in my stools. Haven’t got it back yet, so I’m awaiting
    reply. If the test comes back positive for candida, then there’s a
    good change the fungus is causing my urinary tract infections.

    At first the antibiotics made my stomach so, so bad. My main symptom
    is stomach problems, gas, diarrhea. These got worse while on antibiotics
    and remained persistent until a couple of days ago. I’m hoping that
    the antibiotics didn’t set me back all to much.” Oh, and also some
    worsening of brain fog after eating due to the antibiotcs.

    So that’s what going on with me these days.

    Hope everyone had a merry christmas!

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