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    Hello my dear fellow candida sufferers! I know, I was away all of the summer and did not post much, but I occasionally did read the forums although I was very selfish and worked on myself, my recovery and spent as much time outdoors with my girls as possible. Luck will have it we had great weather and long summer. Do not hold it against me as this was the path on the way to the recovery for me. So let me try to summarize current situation and then I will add to this post some more detail as I find time.

    So looking at spring vs. now I am so much better but I must say day-to-day it’s a slow recovery. My first advice to everyone: be patient! I see many new faces on the forum, not so many of the old ones. If some of the new member would like to know my story, you can find most of it here: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst3328_Advice-on-how-to-keep-functioning-while-on-the-diet.aspx and here: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst2692_Testimonies-of-Success.aspx

    So my recovery from candida was tough and at one point I was not getting better and stronger, but weaker day by day. I went back to doctors and finally ended up with another diagnosis, but first one that made some sense: polymiositis. Being diagnosed with polymiositis was a good thing as this was the last piece of the puzzle I was missing. In terms of candida I was so much better but my muscles took a huge dive while being sick and on my path to recovery. I was so weak that I had trouble pressing the clutch while driving my car! Walking meant me just throwing my legs and hoping I will not stumble.

    So what happened in the mean time? I am not as strict with my diet, moved to phase two. I don’t eat any of the bad stuff. I am still gluten free, eat small amounts of starch, few types of low sugar fruit, and sometimes I will take a 1/4 to 1/2 of teaspoon of honey (do not have access to stevia and some recipes must have a little sweetener such as rhubarb which is much to sour to eat without any sweeteners). I successfully introduced following: butter (for a while I would have it on my buckwheat bread every morning, I also use it for cooking), beans (eat it rarely but can handle it without problems), granny smith apple (eat a whole apple daily), potatoes (eat it rarely), carrots (for a while I ate half a raw carrot a day without any consequences, then I introduced cooked one and still try to limit it to half a carrot and do not eat it daily), tomatoes (can eat one daily), apricot (ate one daily while they were in season), grapefruit (sometimes I eat half of it a day), amaranth (eat it once a week or ever two weeks), blueberry (I would have a handful in amaranth cereal in the morning), strawberries (have a handful occasionally), coconut flour (I have about half a cup in my bread, I had trouble handling it before), coconut oil (had it in cooking without consequences), root vegetables (celery root, parsley root: have it once a week cooked with a bone broth), lard (I would have it on my buckwheat bread in the mornings and I cook with it as I hate destroying EVO by heating it up and lard is cheaper than butter), pumpkin (ate a puree several times with only spices and butter, no sugar added and no consequences), spices I could not tolerate before (black pepper, oregano, basil etc.)

    What’s my diet like these days? It’s a combination of stage two candida diet and Dr. Wahls diet. Her diet comes from hunter gatherers concept modified to eat specific foods in specific amounts to get necessary nutrition to feed and heal the brain and immune system (my brief interpretation of her concepts, perhaps a bit clumsy though). I actually eat Dr. Wahls diet with avoiding food that is no-no for candida. Her rule is pretty simple and I believe this helped me with my auto-immune disease as I started improving after adjusting to match her program. This is the base:
    – one dinner plate of dark green leafy vegetables per day: kale (this one is a main star of green leafy veggies by far but unfortunately I don’t have that where I am so I plan to plant some in containers for next year), spinach, lettuce (only darker shades, iceberg doesn’t count), swiss chard, collard greens, mustard greens (don’t have that here either);
    – one dinner plate of cabbage family veggies (such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, savoy cabbage etc.), onion family (onions, garlic, leeks etc.) and mushrooms (I don’t eat mushrooms) per day;
    – one dinner plate of colored fruits and vegetables (must be colored through such as pumpkin or tomato, apple doesn’t count as only skin is colored) – here I eat tomatoes, red cabbage (which takes care of two of the categories, two birds one stone), pumpkin, carrot, berries, peppers (yellow or red)…
    – Few cups of bone broth daily (this is another thing that I just feel restores me back to life)

    Besides everything above, I eat meat almost daily (including pork, I see no reason to avoid it), fish of course (tuna, trout, catfish, sardines), buckwheat bread (buckwheat, oat bran, eggs, lard, baking powder, sunflower seeds, coconut flour, salt, rosemary, sesame seeds on top) – limit to two slices in the morning, butter, kefir (homemade of course), granny smith apple daily, homemade sour cabbage (not sauerkraut as this is a whole head of cabbage), homemade bone marrow pate. I eat occasional potato (small amount when no choice and have leftovers kids can’t finish), at times I will get bored with my food choices so I throw in some quinoa, but try to stay away. I would also occasionally consume about a can of beans and some mayonnaise (not homemade, bad I know but it doesn’t bother me, besides being slightly inflammatory so this motivates me to stay away).

    I was at the verge of bankruptcy so I gave up on most of the supplements including probiotics. I am having a large cup of homemade kefir daily and I eat prebiotics such as buckwheat, oat bran, onion family etc. I do believe that in time and with right diet, my good bacteria will repopulate. Bone broth not only helps with my nutrition and restoring minerals, but also repairs the intestinal barier (it was confirmed by gastroscopy and biopsy that the barrier is damaged, small intestine is inflamed and the door is opened for auto-immune diseases, allergies etc.)

    It was suggested by most of the material that vitamin D, omega 3 and B vitamins are key at controlling auto-immune diseases. I used every bit of sun during summer and consumed half a carrot daily and lard. Vitamin A (carrot) helps to absorb vitamin D and fat helps store it. As risks in taking synthetic vitamin D are much too high in my opinion, I rely on sun consumption and as I am fair skin person (this made me unhappy most of my life, but I am so white my skin is almost transparent!) I do not need as much vitamin D and I believe that I stored enough of it being outdoors every day during summer. I must note that I always burned very easily even with sunscreen, but this summer I did not use much of sunscreen and did not burn once! There must be something I am doing right!

    I take 1000mg omega 3 daily, B complex and 1000mg of vitamin C daily.
    I had a pretty bad urinary infection in August and I am proud to say that I took care of it without any antibiotics and this is first in my life. I used UVA ursi tea with half a teaspoon of baking soda with each tea dose for two weeks three times daily, then started on cranberry extract 120mg of 50×1 concentrate twice daily and when I finished a whole bottle (50 capsules) I continued to take a maintenance dose which is 140mg of 12×1 concentrate once per day and still didn’t finish the second bottle (there are 100 capsules).

    With my diet and the amount of food I take in, I don’t feel I need any additional supplements. I really do eat very close to the amounts that Dr. Wahls suggests and feel that it helps. In the mean time I got prescribed physical therapy as well and this helps getting my muscles back. I cannot say I am 100% yet, it is questionable I will ever be, but I do improve little by little and if I look at it daily, nothing noticeable, but if I look at 30 days ago, I do see good improvements. I can drive my car without problem, I can even walk fast to my car (it’s a few miles walk which I do daily, because I must, but also because I want and need to in order to keep me in shape) and not turn my legs into rubber as it was at the beginning of the summer. I can play with my kids, I can run and they chase me on their bikes on the parking lot, and this lasts for half an hour to an hour which is big for me the way I was 4 months ago. I am very active. I take my girls and we go places every weekend. Today we were out in snow and cleaned my car and my friends car (had to dig out, then defrost both cars), and I don’t feel very sore at all. My muscles would burn and hurt on blow-drying my hair before. You see how big improvement I have by just shifting my diet. I was eating right foods in order not to feed candida, but I was not feeding my body what it needed to recover from auto-immune disease as well. I am not trying to promote Dr. Wahls, I did not pay a cent for any of her advice I found online and I listened on three free webinars of hers. Modifying my diet to match her advice just helped me and this is the reason I am writing this information.
    I am going to end my long post now, most people will not have patience to read it, but perhaps some of you will and it may help you in some way. For those of you just starting, if you make a switch towards a healthy diet, I am sure you will heal in time, there is no reason not to. You just must stick to it and not cheat or it is pointless. Believe me, after long enough on this diet, you will not want anything else. People place cakes on my desk and it does not attract me at all, I see it as a poison and am somewhat disgusted by it. I see people eating white breads, pizzas etc and as I don’t see any nutritional value in it, for me it’s waste of time to chew it and digest it, you get nothing from it but get full. When your taste buds adjust, then granny smith apple tastes sweet (truth is that after being sugar free for almost a year, I had my mom try a piece of granny smith apple because I worried I got the wrong ones, it tasted sweet to me, but she said it’s very sour hahaha). I still crave some fruit that I avoid, this is the only thing that is hard for me, but since I can have some fruit now and have no consequences, I’m OK with choice I make. This is not a struggle for me any longer, I eat what I eat because I want and I really enjoy it (even though my coworkers are convincing me every day that I am starving myself eating a salad and greens all the time, although few of them came to me asking for advice on changing their diet to be healthier as they see the improvement I have just by eating what I eat). I get creative with preparing food and really enjoy it. It is no longer a struggle for me to prepare the food, I find the time to do that and to play with my kids, I dumped obsessive cleaning of the house and now I am fine with time. I even find some time for myself to watch a movie and relax.

    Oh, before I forget, part of the recovery is in your mind. I am not saying you are not sick or that I was not sick, but being in good mood, doing something you enjoy, being active and outdoors does bring your spirits up and with that recovery comes easier and faster. So get out, get out of towns, go to the mountains (I was on the mountains most of the summer, clean air and green wherever you look relaxes you like no pill ever will), socialize, laugh, if you can’t find anyone to laugh with just watch something online, a rent a comedy and just laugh your heart out, laugh out loud!

    Life does get better! You just have to find your way to recovery and stick to it!
    I will probably be popping in and out of forum when the bad weather hits us, but I am a little selfish still and spend time on stuff I enjoy which is going out and spending time with my girls and laptop gets pushed somewhere in the corner, I see enough of it at work  I also am working on improving my kids diet and it is getting better and better, they slowly start to eat what I eat and don’t have time for sweets. And if they are eating sweets it’s homemade stuff. I even made homemade Nutella the other day  I avoid anything that I don’t know what’s inside, which most of the store bought stuff is. Why give my children poison when I can make more delicious food and much healthier for them? I enjoy cooking and finally I have the strength and will to do it and I feel great being there again!

    My thanks to the old crew of experts on the forum as they were my first step towards my recovery. Had I not found this forum, I would not be where I am today, I am sure!

    All the best to all of you out there my fellow candida sufferers!



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    Thank you so much Arijana for writing down your story. I read the whole thing and I’m very happy for you! Good work! Best wishes, Angor.


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    Hi Angor! You are still here as well.

    How are you coming along with your treatment? Can you handle more food variety? I remember you had many food sensitivities including coconut (I did as well at the beginning of the treatment).

    I am pretty sure candida is still here even though I don’t really have any symptoms. I still have soft stools at times, but I managed to track it down to eating too many salads and with that too much fiber. I love salads and I get carried away so at times so I eat a huge bowl (probably enough for four people haha) twice a day. Then when I notice my stool going bad, I just step back from it a bit, eat like green beans or okra for a day or so and I recover.

    I don’t remember last time I was dizzy, probably at the beginning of the summer. Up until two months ago I would get a funny feeling in my head, but this was at times I was not eating right.

    Wishing you all the best.



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    Hello, Arijana.

    It was so wonderful to see your name on the forum again, and just as good to read that you are doing so well. Thank you so much for taking time from your girls to post your story for both the new members and the ‘old’ ones who are still around.
    I sincerely hope that your improvements keep coming on a regular basis.

    As always, Sean


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    Thank you Sean! I really admire you still being here and helping others. I meant to write up an update probably since August but I just could not find the time. It is unfortunate that many people “disappear” from the forum without giving others an update. I am sure many more were on a sure path of recovery. My situation was additionally complicated because of the auto-immune disease and since there are most likely more people like this I wanted to let them know about my path in hopes it will help them as well.

    All the best!



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    I’m pleased to hear your doing well.


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    Wonderful! I am happy that you are doing alright. At one point I wondered if you are still alive and even searched for the last postings of you. Didnt find any then? ! 😉

    I am doing myself very well now. Nearly 100 percent good. I remember the time when you felt so terrible and I felt like dying soon.

    In these 1.5 years I learned a lot and figured that I have SIBO and cut out all milk (milk protein the problem and lactose) cut out all grain but have tons of honey myself! And feel good with it and bone brew like you. My lifesavers came with the books A new IBS Solution from Mark Pimentel MD and Breaking the vicious cycle intestinal health through diet. I am doing now Elaine Gottschalls SCD diet and it works! The teaching about bacteria and different type of sugars where an eyeopener and i got better and better. Most of the time I dont have any sympthoms more!

    all the best to you


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    Well this is a feel good story even though you are not fully recovered; I am happy to hear of your progress and wish you luck on your journeys to health. You definitely were one of the people struggling at first and at times a lot of use likely felt helpless because of your difficulties.



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    Thank you Thomas! I am so happy to hear you are doing so well. Me too have almost none of the symptoms, even the symptom of soft stool is result of not being able to digest that much fiber and not candida symptom. I had honey, potatoes, sour cream, balsamic vinegar, brown rice and similar without any symptoms. I still choose not to have them regularly and avoid if I can. I can also taste my kids food (even homemade nutella!) without a fear of getting sick. I am not going to eat a lot of it, just lick the spoon to see if it’s good. It was so difficult cooking for them if it was not same food I was eating when I was not able to taste it and they were too little to tell me if it’s OK or not. For example, when I make juice for them, I give them to taste it and tell me if it’s OK or I need to add something to make it sweeter, say add a pear or apple.

    Why I feel that I am not done with candida? Well I made this banana pumpkin bread with honey and it was half wheat flour and half buckwheat and oat bran. I had a half a slice of it. That day I had ocular migraine. I blame it on the gluten or it could have been banana, both pumpkin and honey I had without any symptoms. Since I reacted, I am not done. I am happy with my diet and as it keeps me symptom free I can go on forever like this. I will still try to see if I can expand my options. I will have to especially because winter in Bosnia is tough in terms of fresh food, and frozen one goes down to broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (which I eat in moderation), peas (which I don’t eat at the moment), green beans, eggplant and red peppers. Occasionally I find brussel sprouts (yay! love them roasted) and zucchini, some frozen spinach. You see how you can get bored eating just this every day.

    I think we all must find our own path. What works for one person, may not for another. All of us have different food sensitivities. I must watch for my fiber intake (because I am unable to digest too much fiber, I am guessing my good bugs are not there yet even though candida is reduced?) and I am perfectly fine. I feel strong and able to live my life with a big smile on my face. Why I say I am not 100% is probably because of polymiositis. I am still not able to physically perform as I could say two years ago. I may never get there, but that does not mean I will not try 🙂

    All the best to you. I did not forget your support and kind words when I was feeling my worst!



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    Hello my dear Raster! Your are still here as well! It is so great that you and Able are still here helping others! It is so time consuming and so many people are in need of help.

    I did not forget both your and Able’s support when I was struggling with everything. Even though I found my own path later (modification for auto immune disease), I owe my feeling great to the two of you! Had I not found this forum, I would not be where I am today.

    What else to say than thank you, thank you, thank you, and all the best to you. You guys earn some serious points up there (whether you believe it or not 🙂 )



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    I wanted to add the three-part webinar by Dr. Wahls for any members struggling with candida and an auto-immune disease at the same time. If you merge the anti-candida diet with her diet, you may get rid of your candida related symptoms as well as symptoms related to your auto-immune disease. There is a lot of material online, so just google it, but here is the three-part webinar I listened where she gives you the basic steps to recover:

    The webinar is hosted by another organization so suffer through some talk before Dr. Wahls comes one:

    1. http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=33272976
    2. http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=34627665
    3. http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=35050773

    I hope it helps someone else.



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    Arijana, thank you for continuing to share your path to recovery. I’m wondering if you could tell us what auto-immune disease you suffered from, and if it has subsided. This is my case now…


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    Hello Titan,

    I got diagnosed with polymyositis. Basically my immune system attacks muscle tissue as it thinks it’s foreign. Some of the symptoms cross with MS, but instead of nerves, muscles are attacked here.

    Now that I think back, I’ve always had a bit of weakness in some muscles of my legs and arms. This disease attacks muscles closest to the body first, then it moves on. It affects heart muscle as well and veins etc. all muscles not just extremities. I dealt with it when young by exercise, and probably this is how I maintained it not knowing. I also ate well, more of a hunter gatherer’s (or paleo) diet although not exclusively, drank home made kefir daily etc.

    I also have candida overgrowth for as far as I can remember, but didn’t realize it until a year ago when they found candida in my stool and I looked up candida overgrowth symptoms. Symptoms I have most of my life and thought just that this is the way I am were candida related (all of them are gone now after some 20 years) I just did not know.

    Because I strayed from good nutrition, had gone trough an IVF procedure which involves immune suppressant drugs as well, then cared for twins and worked long hours therefore forgot completely about myself, the symptoms got so bad that I thought death is near. Doctors could not find anything and claimed I was crazy. Well, I found this forum where people did not think I was crazy and helped me help myself. I owe my good feeling today to this forum and dedicated people here who share their experiences and guide us on the right path to recovery.

    Now the weird part I forgot to mention above is that as my candida symptoms got better, the polymyositis symptoms (which I did not know what they are) got worse. I thought I am lacking something in my food tried going off the diet to test it and nothing. It got so bad that I could not press clutch while driving my car, I could barely walk, simple tasks such as blow-drying my hair would make my arm muscles get inflamed. My blood flow was awful, my fingernails would turn blue, I would get so cold where nothing would warm me up. Stairs were quite scary as after few steps my muscles would burn.

    After modifying my diet, adding b-complex and omega3, and going on physical therapy, slowly I got better. It was not something that happened over night, but over month or two I just realized I was doing better. Today, I drive without problems, even in bad traffic. I can walk long distance, I even run when I need to catch a tram.

    My muscles still get a bit tired on stairs at times, but not as before.

    Did you get diagnosed? If not, what do you suspect you have?

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