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    My symptoms are very minor pain in my abdomen under my ribs which wraps around into the back and sometimes in the shoulder blade. All on my left side, seems like just minor little spasms. Also, a white tongue. My stomach also makes a lot of gurgling sounds like water digesting. 39 Year old Male.

    I’ve done all the medical tests, MRI, Ultrasound, Colonoscopy – Nothing! Chrio / Phsyio – Nothing!

    A Natropath suspected I had candida and after 4 week cleanse/antifungal no improvement. I went to another Natro and he did a stool analysis and said Candida was not present.

    So this has been ongoing for 9 months. I’m really lost, but coming back to maybe I have candida and I did not get rid of it.

    Any thoughts or insights at all ? Could it be the cause of muscle pains on one side of the body only ?


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    Muscle pain is not all that related to candida by itself imo and could be related to more general problems of aging, mineral issues, etc.

    I recommend doing a hypo-sensitization test which will determine whether you are allergic to candida or not. If you are allergic, it means your body is not fighting it properly. This can be done at many allergy clinics.



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    Raster I was wondering if you do enema’s and if so how effective were they?

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