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    I am considering doing the candida diet (again…I failed about the 5 week mark sometime last year) but have started doing a lot of running and am training for a half marathon. I am already quite skinny so to eliminate a lot of the food on the list is tricky.

    What foods should I eat more of to increase my weight? Someone suggested a high G.I. diet (which is normally frowned upon but for thin people we might need that) such as white rice but this is very acidic and I want to cut that kind of thing out.

    My other options are good fats: avocado, macadamia nuts, olive oil, eggs, peanut butter etc but I need to be careful that my options aren’t on the ‘avoids’ list as I know some of these mentioned items are.

    What other suggestions do you have to help me gain weight while training but while also trying to do the candida diet?


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    Try out teff bread, beans, goat cheese, and eating between meals. 3-4 course meals. Get a nutribullet and start making smoothies and add that in with a meal.


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