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    Hi all,

    After about six months of being Candida free, and although I have been on the autoimmune paleo diet, I got a little starch and sugar happy and my stress went up as sleep went down, and voila! The dreaded Candida is back.

    I wasted no time going on my veggie cleanse again, but I have never had a rash under the breasts before, and I actually find it more difficult to treat than other areas; my breasts are average size, so I was a little surprised to find that was the target area. I’ve been putting fungal cream and baby powder on it to keep it dry, but to no avail; it actually seems like it’s getting worse.

    Is it possibly getting worse because of die-off? I’m only on my 3rd day of veggie cleanse, so it’s a possibility, right? Is the baby powder making it worse?

    What should I try in terms of topicals to get some relief? When should this sucker start clearing up? Last time I didn’t have rashes as much as other symptoms, so I’m kind of at a loss.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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