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    is there anyone in the uk, or any organisation, that has experience of candida and can do phone support?

    i don’t know any sufferers personally and on a bad day, when i get everything from extreme fatigue to joint pain to muscle twitching, i think it would be real good to have some contact with someone who’s been through it and has beaten it or is on their way to beating it.

    my doctors don’t even recognise candida overgrowth as a real problem, so sometimes feel quite alone with it all, and would be so great to speak to someone who’s been through it

    many thanks



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    I’d also wish for the same, I need advice too.
    I do know a lot of the theory behind the diet, but when things go wrong, I really have to question why things happen.
    I could probably give you some of my own insight, but I’m in no way an expert.
    Sometimes we just need someone to understand so we can look at things in a different perspective.


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    Holistic MDs will treat people for Candidiasis. You just have to know where to find them. I have used the link below to find one near me:

    Functional Medicine Practitioner search

    A quick search in London shows they are in the UK as well.



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    Hi to lockie86 and TheXtremist.

    I understand your concerns having suffered with Candidiasis for over 20 years.

    Am I cured ?

    No not yet – but don’t ever give up hope !
    There is a lot more helpful advice these days thanks to the internet but inevitably there will always be contrasting opinions.

    Trying to remain focused can be very difficult when you’re really struggling and you will often doubt your own judgement and the advice of others – believe me there are times when I still do !

    Happy to share my experiences if it helps.

    Have faith !

    Bristol. U.K.


    Topics: 33
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    Thanks John are we allowed to give out email addresses on here? I think maybe not, and not sure there’s a PM service on here anymore?

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