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    How long are you supposed to be on the diet before the white tongue packs up and leaves?



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    Hello David

    I’ve been in the diet for nearly 7 months. I still wake up every morning with a white tongue. Since one week ago I am using a tongue cleaner and is helping a little. Did you tried oil pulling? it works for some people.




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    Well that’s not very encouraging at all.
    No, I haven’t tried that yet. I would hope that as symptoms go, so would the tongue considering that the white tongue is a symptom? Is there anyone on the diet here who has vanquished the white tongue?

    My bad breath has gone since i started the diet, so I know something good is happening, but i also want this white tongue gone.



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    I have been on diet for 10 months now. I found this web site because I came down with oral thrush after taking antibiotics. I used the Nystatin mouth rinse which helped get rid of the blisters, sores, and white tongue. In unison with that treatment I started the diet and did oil pulling. The oil pulling really helped heal my mouth. I use virgin organic coconut oil. I would do it 3-5 times a day.

    Today I still have slight white but nothing bad. I’m going to Mayo Clinic on Wed. to have Dr. look into this nightmare.

    I can tell you that when I got to the stage in the diet where I added greek yogurt and kefir that is what healed my mouth and throat. I hope that you too feel relief.

    My problem is everytime I try to go off the diet and try new foods I have a reaction on tongue and throat…so the crap is still there.


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    2 weeks on the diet will barely put a dent in the candida population; are you taking any antifungals and probiotics? You need to address the environment internally before you can defeat it externally.

    My tongue is pretty pink despite being a smoker and my oral thrush flairs up when I drink coffee with cream (about once a month). So I’d say I am one person has improved it. I think my tongue should be red though and not light pink.

    I’d try out taking some black walnut extract and swishing it around your mouth some. I’d then try some oil pulling.



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    Yeah I do have anti-fungals, and probiotics.
    I have 5 x sf722 three times a day
    I have 2 x nystatin tablets four times a day
    I have 2 x vsl#3 satchets two times a day
    and I have one other probiotic tablet one time a day.

    Plus I have been having coconut oil two times a day, in fact, last week I said my tongue was disappearing on the diet, but now it’s back. I thought it was the one whole lemon squeezed into hot water once a day I was having, meanwhile I have been slack on the coconut oil. So maybe it was actually coconut oil making it go away.

    I will bring that up to twice a day, and before I swallow I will swish it around in my mouth for a while.
    I will buy some walnut extract next week.


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