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    1)I’m basically symptom free i think. One thing is bothering me though. I have itching in my sensitive area that does not go away even though I’m doing the lemon detox and have no other symptom right now. Is this still candida or just irritated from not using soap? what do you think?

    2)Detox feels so good and i’ve read that many celebrities owe their great physique to regular detox. So I thought about trying an one-day-per-week detox but i’m under the impression that lemon juice flushes both good and bad bacteria out of the system. Is that true? And is there any form of detox that does not do so? Sure probiotics are healthy but i can’t always have my mind to it.


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    Have you tried to eat fruit yet? Because this is a good test food item to see where you are at…you gotta see how sensitivie to molds and sugar you are before proceeding.

    The itching likely indicates that you still have the infestation, because this is one thing that should definitely go away.

    Able is out this week I think so I am filling in as good as possible. I would wait for his return before asking the detox question.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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