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    I ve been on antifungals and the candida diet for two months now. Good news is I started training for a grappling competition again two weeks ago and feel good other then I m still so fatigued and drained during the day. Other good news, only caught one cold and got a sinus infection. I got rid of the sinus infection without antibiotics for the first time in 6 years. Probably due to the lack of sugar and bad carbs. Bad news still tired and drained, I m assuming still die off and or adrenal fatigue? Other bad news is I m still bloated of course but I m assuming it will get better. I read that too many probiotics if you have sibo will just bloat you more because way too much bacteria in the gut.My appetite is great and eating the coconut bread daily has put a few pounds finally on my skinny frame. I put some muscle on again also. Its a battle but I m glad I m feeling better then I did two months ago and especially when I first got symptoms 7 months ago. Just gotta keep going.

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