Twitching, tightening in legs, and chest pain?

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    Are these normal symptoms for candida? They are new symptoms. I have random twitching all over: One eye, legs, and tummy. Also, i have this tightening in my legs (mostly calf area), and random chest pain on the right side. I don’t have shortness of breath or anything, but the chest pain concerns me a bit.


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    Hello, I have some small occasional twitching too but not often, it could be due to mineral deficiencies, I suspect I was vitamin & mineral deficient because of antiacids that led to low stomachacids that led to good bacteria dieoff that led to candida and bad bacteria flourishment, so now I have problems absorbing the nutrients from my food, but Im fighting the candida and adding probiotics to fix my digestive issues and expect to feel alot better after.

    I read this earlier:—calf-muscle.aspx
    So might be something with water/electrolytes or too much/little magnesium.
    I also have calf tightness but I’m at the point now where I can start to go for slow joggings, we will see how that goes but I think that could help, it feels like my body is too used to my recent sedantry lifestyle due to this candida impact.

    Chest pain I also have but believe mine to be due to Costochondritis, and also digestive issues.

    The pain on the right side, would it possibly be at the lower part of the rib cage? I don’t have sharp pain or anything but I have like a pressure and tightness there, I believe it to just be Liver symptoms that Raster mentions sometimes, I think it’s just that the liver is detoxifying you’r dieoff toxins, might be good to help it.

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