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    I just wanted to let you all know that if you have constant problems with keeping candida down, you should consider taking butyrate and/or lactoferrin. I did and the candida seriously just went quiet.
    The lacoferrin has multiple functions, and I think the most improtant role is to deny the candida the iron it feeds on and instead help the iron go were it supposed to. There is a lot od info about it out there so just do a google search. Butyrate has pretty much healed my gut lining, or at least it feels that way. Again do a google search and you will find a lot of info on it. Best supplement for butyrate is in my opinion D’Adamos Intrinsa and Jarrow Formula for lactoferrin. Just wanted to let you know because it is such a supplement djungle out there and when you had a lot of sucess with one it’s important to let others now.
    Oh, and I buy the supplement at iherb since it’s the lowest price I’ve found, and please feel free to use my coupon if you haven’t shopped there before. Couponnr RNS545
    Lots of christmas hugs from Li

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