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    I previously read an article on here about using Lugols Iodine,Borax (tetrasodium borate) and alkalising water (ACV, lime, lemon or water) as part of treatment for Candida overgrowth. I have oral thrush so very keen to start treatment. I found found Lugolis Iodine and alkalising ingredients however, Borax has been banned in the UK and the only place to buy is on eBay from the US. Due to the hundreds of warnings about Borax online, I’m so worried that I could purchase a dodgy type of Tetrasodium borate/borax and I’m unsure what to look for in the produt, I found this on ebay:

    Can anyone advise me as to whether or not this is the correct one and safe to use.
    Does anyone have an experience of using these three combo’s for treatment. Feedback would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much.


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    Personal experience:

    So far i tried alot of side advice, i think the best is probiotics, vitamin c d, and yogurt. More fiber than meat. Just 2 weeks, i follow the diet, my oral candida were out of sight. Avoid try baking soda alike heavy alkaline substance too much. My candida gone worse when i use baking soda in my candida diet. My tongue goes to dead meat color pale purple and thrush just overgrow on top, lose sense of taste, i only taste blood and metal.

    Try boost your kidney and liver function by vitamin c d, probiotic florish your guts, and every morning i feel dizzy from die off, i did 1 hour exercise, it does feel better, my kidneys were damage by over alkaline substance intake, now im okd stage 2. 87% still safe but damaged is damaged.

    Borax is not safe to consume as general.

    See a doctor, maybe is just a mild candida, or other problem.

    This morning, i almost tear up cause my tongue back to health pinkish color without white patches.

    Coconut oil and oregano oil is better selection than borax.

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