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    I’ve been suffering from chronic yeast infections for almost two years now. I never properly finished the candida diet the first time and after some recent stress it’s come back with a vengeance.

    I’m looking for ways to speed up the healing, as this is truly driving me crazy.

    I have a lot of external irritation, for which I’ve used coconut oil and calendula gel. It helps a little. I’ve read about topically applying yogurt too – I don’t generally tolerate dairy, but might this be helpful? I’m guessing it’s purpose here is for the probiotics.

    I’ve also read that cranberry juice is excellent at restoring feminine ph, yet it’s a fruit. Rosemary Gladstar recommends 8oz a day for yeast infections, but I’m concerned about the sugar. Is this hooey or worth trying?

    I’m just looking to do whatever I can to get over this nonsense… Thank you.


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    The book Yeast Connection says that “vaginal candidiasis has bowel reservoir”. Try treating gut infection.


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    I completely understand how you feel as I was in a similar situation to you. What I have found that has helped me enormously is making home made milk kefir from live kefir grains. All you do is find some high quality kefir grains online and order them, then once they arrive, you put them in a clear glass Mason jar and add 8 oz. fresh organic pasteurized whole milk (preferably unhomogenized if you can find it). Then you Cover it loosely with a lid, leave it out on your kitchen counter away from heat or sunlight, come back in 24-48 hrs, and it’s ready to be consumed! You just need to take a plastic strainer (this is critical), strain the kefir is the grains are separated, and then re-use the grains forever!!! I have done much research on the health benefits of homemade kefir and they cannot be denied. The amount of probiotic bacteria and friendly yeasts in homemade kefir far surpasses anything you could possibly buy in the store or in a probiotic capsule. We’re talking hundreds of billions to a few trillion bacteria and yeasts! I have seen a huge improvement in my candida ever since I started having homemade kefir daily. The strains of bacteria and yeast in kefir have also been proven to be able to kill candida and other pathogenic microbes in the gut and recolonize the gut with friendly bacteria. I swear by this regiment and will continue doing this forever! Try it and I promise you won’t regret it!!!

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