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    Hi everyone,
    I have 3 yrs old son, who’s got positive result on the spit test.
    Since I was diagnosed for yeast infection, and was breastfeeding him and he took anti-biotics when he was about 6 months old, I did the spit test on him, and there it is, I saw spider webby result.

    Does anyone have experience curing their young child(ren) or have suggestions or comments on how I treat his candida overgrowth?

    The thing is besides the test being positive, I don’t really see much signs on him.
    He has been very healthy, no rashes or anything….
    I’ve learned that chewable colostrum for kids and probiotics and diet will get lid of the candida on kids, but the diet part just gives me headache when I think how I do this with him…. cutting down the carbs, sugars and grains on 3yrs old! Is it even okay to do ???

    Compare to most non-health conscious parents, I have been given him healthy food, but I was no way near perfect when I researched more and more…phew…

    I already dilute his juice with 5x water, so I can start giving him real fruit juice that’s no problem. And same for apple sauce…I can start making them myself…but it will still feed the candida right? Or little bit a day is okay for children? (i hope)

    As for cookies and bread, I can substitute with coconut flour or allowed flour with stevia to make something that might convince him not to eat trader joe’s cookies (his favorite!).

    But, I don’t know how I can cut down his morning cereals with milk (or almond milk) with dried fruits (raisins and cranberries)….Anyone has any good success with children by substituting food they like??

    All comments and suggestions are welcome.
    It’s hard enough for me, thinking about dealing with my son who is getting a lot of his opinions is…wow….more stress on me.

    Thank you for letting me share my story and concerns.


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    hello KAO,
    I would suggest since your son doesn’t have any symptoms, that you do exactly as you mentioned. Cut out refined sugars, perhaps substitute with an occasional sugar free treat. Try to emphasize veggies and protein and use low carb guidelines for his food choices. I would use probiotics and colostrum (colostrum can’t hurt, but be careful not to go overboard on the probiotics). I would not try to put a child with no symptoms on a strict anti-candida diet, I think it might interfere with his growth, but I would modify the diet in minor ways to make it more liveable for a child. Do some research into recipes, and have some good snacks and meals from the diet available for him.

    I believe my son also has candida with no symptoms except persistent bloat. We both have immune issues, and lymphocyte tests showed that he has no defences to candida albicans. I have a very bad infestation mmyself, so I do think he has some issues as well. Thaknfully, he has no symptoms. I try to encourage good food choices for him (he’s 17), and in doing so, he has developed a pretty good balanced diet Best of luck with your son. You approach sounds sensible and age appropriate.


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    Really interesting questions! I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for you but I’m hoping someone else will. I’ve been beginning to wonder if I’ve shared my candida with my youngest, just over a year old. I too breastfed him throughout my worst (undiagnosed) candida. He very regularly has small yeast infections on his nappy area that clears up with antifungal cream… and has had thrush on his tongue twice. He’s also been on antibiotics 4 times.

    Ironically, he’s eating mostly off the allowed list anyway because he shares my breakfast of organic eggs on buckwheat toast with coconut oil. Lunch he tucks into my veggie soup and he has a fairly healthy dinner too, loves asaparagus & sprouts! But he has fomula still which must be high in sugar (it certainly smells sweet) and has regular pasta, potatoes, things like fish fingers & chcken goujons etc when his siblings are eating.

    Lets hope someone comes back to us with some advice soon!


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    The following are a couple of older posts that concern children and Candida.–Help.aspx

    And this one concerns the spit test used for detecting Candida.

    Have either of you considered coconut or almond milk as a substitute at least part of the time? Of course, as you’re aware, you’d need to test either one slowly in the beginning.

    Breakdown of coconut milk:
    Proteins – 2.3 g
    Fat – 23.8g
    Carbohydrates – 5.5 g
    Dietary fiber – 2.3 g
    Sugar – 3.35 g
    Vitamin C – 2.8 mg
    Vitamin E – 0.15 mg
    Vitamin B1 – 0.026 mg
    Vitamin B6 – 0.033 mg
    Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) – 0.183 mg
    Folate – 16 mcg
    Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – 0.76 mg
    Iron – 1.64 mg
    Selenium – 6.2 mcg
    Sodium – 15 mg
    Calcium – 16 mg
    Magnesium – 37 mg
    Phosphorus – 100 mg
    Potassium – 260 mg

    Breakdown of typical cow’s milk:
    Water 87.8g
    Protein 3.2g
    Fat 3.9g
    Carbohydrate 4.8g
    Energy 66 kcal
    Energy 275 kJ
    Sugars (lactose) 4.8g
    Cholesterol 14 mg
    Calcium 120mg
    Saturated fatty acids 2.4g
    Monounsaturated fatty acids 1.1g
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.1g

    Breakdown of Almond milk:
    Total Fat 2.5g
    Sat. Fat 0g 0%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0 mg
    Sodium 150 mg
    Total Carbs. 8g
    Dietary Fiber 1g
    Sugars 7g
    Protein 1g
    Calcium 200 mg
    Potassium 180 mg



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    thank you for your comment. now that i found out that the spit test isn’t so accurate from Able, i will just give him a good choice of food more especially from the list.
    Just me being on the candida diet and sharing good food with him, he has started eating more veggies, fruits, home made everything, less processed food…I guess my goal is to give him good eating habit that last his life time 😉

    When you say “be careful not to go overboard on the probiotics”, what do you mean by that? I though probiotics in higher count and more spices are good…
    I probably will use more natural form, like homemade kefir and yogurt anyway, but for my future reference, can you please explain?

    thank you for sharing your story too! My son now eats pretty much everything including steamed veggies and raw salad. He didn’t like them before too much unless I hide them in the rice or something, but now he is aware that eating them are good for him, and he eat them without me pushing. But! he also has sweet teeth which took after my eating habit. Even if it’s organic, sugar is sugar…. but health food industry make you think if it’s organic, it okay….
    this has been a good lesson for me as a mother. good luck to you too!!

    Able, thank you again for your help and great links to the older post.
    the spit test myth….shocking.

    I need to be so skeptical on what I read on the internet now. I already wasted some money on the product called SyntolAMD that contains cellulase, glucoamylase, hemicellulase, amylase, protese, serrapeptase, which you mentioned in the forum, would feed candida. oh no.
    I also bought Ultimate flora vaginal support 50 billion as the local health food store suggested. (I was desperate at the time with no healing from prescribed medication for my yeast infection.) This was probably the waste of money too from what you are suggesting here.

    I started using almond milk and coconut milk instead of cow’s milk lately. Yesterday I successfully made yogurt at home (yum), so I will limit his intake of cow’s milk and cheese.

    Just few more questions.

    -Does cooked garlic still act as an anti-fungal to candida? my son cannot eat raw garlic nor unheated garlic powder. too spicy for him.

    -Do you know if dried oregano leaves have same anti-fungal effect as oregano oil or not? I was thinking drinking oregano tea using leaves if it is any beneficial.

    -I recently bought women’s multi vitamin for myself. Is it correct that you do not recommend taking this during the candida diet treatment unless I can take the vitamins you are suggesting individually?

    -how long do i need to wait to introduce food such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts? When I go outside with my son, it is hard to find the good snack to bring with me. I guess starting next week (my 3 week on the diet), I can bring coconut bread though.

    -Since I was born and raised in Japan, it is difficult to flavor some food without soysauce and soy bean paste (miso). I was hoping if they are okay to use at some stage of the candida diet. NO?? (maybe phase 3 when everything completely healed??)
    I thought these fermented food are considered probiotics too…

    -How did you cope the sweet craving, if you had any, for chocolate or cakes or something? Can I use carob in the almond butter or something?

    Thank you everyone for your 2 cents! Much much appreciated 😉
    Good luck on the diet whatever stage you might be.

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