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    I just noticed my toothpaste contains sorbitol. I’ve been using baking soda since, but is there any recommendations for a sugar-free toothpaste? Thanks for any input in advance!


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    The ingredients in Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste should be alright for Candida sufferers. Amazon carries this brand.

    You should also check your table salt (if you’ve not already done so) as regular table salt normally contains Dextrose and/or other additives. Himalayan natural sea salt is a much better choice as it is without dangerous additives and retains the natural minerals that were meant to be in pure salt. The color is usually a light pinkish color because of the purity and the fact that the sea rocks that it is derived from are a pinkish color.



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    I was using Baking soda too until I got some sugar free toothpaste. I’m currently using Spry. Is that okay? It’s got Xylitol in it.

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