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    Hi guys,

    I’m 8 weeks into the diet now and in a previous post I talked about the bloating and constipation that seems to be a norm for many people on the diet. Well things are the same and I feel that I may have a new idea as to why. Has anyone related the idea of consuming too much fiber with the constipation and bloating? I was so tired of feeling bloated I recently I cut out meat and so I have basically only been eating big plates of veggies with quinoa and some sort of baked coconut flour related item, basically a whole lot of fiber. Reading through symptoms of too much fiber, I really feel that the bloating and constipation I am experiencing is because of it. My body is probably so confused why the fiber intake has increased dramatically. I going to really hold off on the coconut flour for awhile and introduce meat back in my diet so I am no longer consuming just fiber. I will report back in about 2 weeks to see if I feel any different. Thought I’d share to see if anyone else may find that this helps. Read about “consuming too much fiber” and see if you feel that it relates to you .


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