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    My RD has given me the okay to eat fresh tomatoes, which I am THRILLED about (it has been almost six months since I have eaten them!). That said, she has advised me to replace half of my daily fruit serving with 1/2 c of fresh tomato (about 1 small).

    I was wondering if this is necessary, or at least in the long term. I can eat 1/2 c of carrots just fine in addition to my serving of low GI fruit, though am not sure if this gives any sort of suggestion to how my body will respond to tomatoes.

    I also find that I can eat sweet bell peppers pretty freely, since Phase 2 of the diet. And even whilst dealing with recent setbacks, having to eliminate fruit again for 2 months, I tolerated them fine. I know that some people do well with tomato even in Phase 1 of the diet, so again, I wondering if this too may be suggestive.

    My candida symptoms were chronic vaginal yeast infections, now chronic itching/burning though this is also starting to fade.

    When did you start eating tomatoes? How much did you start off eating, and how often? Weekly or daily? Did you become more tolerant over time?

    Did you have to be careful about eating them with starches, grains, etc.?

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