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    I just started the candida diet, Step 1 (I’m skipping the detox phase and decided to do 3 weeks of eating right…) I carefully read the List of OK Foods on this website, also, I went through the forum discussions, but since I am a vegetarian – no meat, no fish, yes eggs and diary – I still have some doubts. From my understanding I can eat eggs and plain yogurt during Step 1. That’s great, but how about the following foods? I’m especially curioius to know if tofu is allowed.

    Are the following foods allowed during Step 1:

    – plain tofu

    – soy milk

    – organic tahini

    – hummus

    – salted cappers (I live in Sicily, hard to live without them!)

    – olives

    – hazelnuts and walnuts (organic)

    Thank you, any kind of info will be very much appreciated.



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    Hi gurnuit,

    I’m vegetarian as well and don’t eat eggs, so I have similar concerns as you. I’m just learning about this, so don’t have all the answers to your questions, but I have read that we should avoid tofu because it is fermented, and we should try almond milk (preferably homemade – there’s a recipe on the website) instead of soy milk.

    Hummus – probably avoid because no beans (except green) are allowed in stage 1, so no chickpeas.

    Nuts – I think that peanuts and pistachios are no-no’s but that others are okay in stage 1, as long as they’re in as whole a state as possible, freshly shelled is best.

    Hopefully someone else will chime in to help us non-meat/egg-eaters.


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    Hi Guys, I have recently run into the best book for candida. Please google “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates. This whole book has been written especially for people who have candida. It is only $25 and has heaps of vege recipes suitable. Goodluck!

    The four grains that is good for candida are:

    Quinoa (keen wah)

    Base your diet around these and lots of vegetables.


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    Ps Only nuts allowed are almonds and make sure you soak these first and then peel the skin off because the coating is very difficult to digest

    No soy (very bad)
    Not sure about olives
    No beans (except green)
    Not sure about tahini…
    Salted capers should be ok but only sea salt and make sure they do not have citric acid or other food preservatives
    Eggs are ok in small amounts generally but i react badly to them myself. Maybe for the first stage try avoid


    Vegan Candida Diet
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    This can be confusing because there is not one official candida diet, but different versions. I have been doing this diet as a vegan for 4 weeks now, and have been eating almonds and macadamia nuts, and butters made from both. Brazil nuts are also good from what I have read. You want to avoid pistachios and cashews, I assume because the pistachios can have mold and the cashews are higher in carbohydrates than other nuts?

    Have a look at my blog to get an idea of what I’ve been eating:

    As for hummus, you want to make sure your hummus is made with sunflower or olive oil, not canola or soybean oil. Tahini is fine.


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    Some sites say fermented food is ok and actually good for you, but others say fermented is not…anyone know?

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