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    For the past six months I’ve been having a constant sinus infection. After finally figuring out that my issue was with candida I begun putting a drop or two of Orageno Oil into my nasal rinse, which would stop the fungus dead in its tracks and make me feel a ton better. One or two days later the familiar facial, eye, and head pressures would come back again, though, and I was forced to do an Orageno Oil rinse daily to keep it away, sometimes twice a day.

    However, after learning that Orageno Oil can damage the mucous membranes, I found another solution. I poured a capsule of probiotic into my nasal rinse and took it after doing an Oregano flush. The next day I was feeling a lot better, but still felt some pressure, and continued to do the probiotic rinse for 5 days. For the next couple of weeks following the pressure and pain has been completely gone. Had I used Orageno alone, the pressure would have come back within a day or two. I was cured.

    For me it has been empirical evidence that probiotics are effective candida fighters. I used Bacillus Coagulans by Thorne Research, but I’m sure others would work. I believe many species have the tools to displace and fight off candida. If it works for the gut, why not the sinuses?

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