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    I have tine versicolor on my back and some on my stomach. recently it has spread to my forehead and im very depressed about this. I have research and found out about the candida diet and how to eliminate yeast from your system. Has anyone with tinea versicolor successfully treated it with candida diet? i have been spraying myself with haole rot spray that is made from a blend of essential oils and it seems to be helping but im also starting the candida diet so im not sure if it has any effect. Please let me know if you suffered from tinea versicolor and is healed and please share how you did it! thank you much!


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    You might get best results consulting a professional to get better if you want long term results. The skin problems are not related to yeast by itself, but can also be related to HCL levels and your bodies ability to detox. The supplements are the x-factor in getting better.


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