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    If one takes a probiotic upon awakening with water, should one wait one hour before eating/drinking anything else? My big question is when to drink kefir. I switch out the milk in the mornings and that would be a good time to drink it practically or should one drink that in mid morning or with meals?

    Also, the other supplements are taken all with meals, right, so the nighttime probiotic should be right before bed with water or tea, and not with kefir, and not with anything else, is that right?



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    as i always have busy mornings i sumtimes dont wait to eat after probiotic in morn u can wait half hr i will do this if im not going anywhere ,ive had sum people say it dosent matter while others say wait .

    u can eat with kefir and u should since it eats sugar i dont think it matters if u drink it with probiotic but maybe u could space it out an hr just to be sure .i sumtimes take supplments with meals and sumtimes dont depending on what im doing that day ,u shouldnt take your probiotic or drink tea within an hr as it could kill the bacteria cuz its hot ,i have a hard time with this cu i wake up and want tea immediately so i probably wait 15 to 20 max in morn

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