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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, I hope some of you can give me some advice cos im really tired of this 🙁
    I have had moderate symptoms of vaginal thrush for about a year now. Always have white discharge and sometimes the skin tears in the creases….It gets worse during the last 2 weeks of my cycle. It is ruining my sex life because I can no longer be bothered making love to my husband because i know i will just get chaffed/sore and I no longer enjoy spontaneous sex because i never feel clean, fresh and lubricated like i used to.
    Ive been to see my doc about this and when i began to talk about nutrition he told me not to bother getting swept up in the “candida hype” and trying all these extreme diets. He put me on a 10 day course of Nizoral (ketaconazole) tablets. It did not work the first time and he then said that thrush is very contagious and that I should take the Nizoral again this time putting caneston cream on my husbands penis twice a day. So we did that and while we were doing that I also did the candida diet and took some really good probiotics which the pharmacist recommended specifically for thrush, i took one orally and inserted one each day. I felt like this combined approach was working at one point but I could not afford to keep buying the Probiotics and after two weeks i couldnt be bothered nagging my husband anymore to put cream on his schlong…. Ive been making my own keffir and drinking that twice a day instead of the probiotics. But the thrush has crept back in. I always eat very well but the candida diet is just way to hard for me. I never eat refined sugar or processed meat but i do eat carbs in the form of oats and rice. I only cook with virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Which I also squirt you no where to ease that dry feeling and it has helped immensely. It know it has antifungal properties but its not working to get rid of it.

    Although i really prefer the holistic approach, seeing a naturopath is out of the question because its super expensive and all they try to do is to sell you ridiculously expensive supplements, and keep you comming back for follow ups.

    Maybe there are some other approaches I can talk to my doctor about.

    I take a nasal spray and an asthma puffer which both contain corticosteroids but i am always really careful to rinse my entire mouth really well so that i dont swallow any of it. My doctor says this is not the cause, only in rare cases can it cause localised oral thrush…anyone got an opinion on this?

    Also I am not sure if I have systemic candida or just very stubborn vaginal candida. My digestion seems fine and has been great since drinking keffir. How can you tell if you have both?? My doc has run Vag swabs which showed positive for candida.

    I have also tried douching with 10% apple cider vinegar and on a different day i tried a keffir douche, both messy and hard to do providing only temporary relief of symptoms.

    I would like to add that I dont experience any symptoms of itching, my thrush is not really severe just very persistent and particularly bothering me is the white stuff cos i feel dirty and the fact that sex is not as pleasurable as it used to be. Also when i took the Nizoral i didnt have any die off symptoms which were as extreme as what people desribe i may have had a slight headache one day but that was it…. Thanks for any advice you can offer


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    Hey, I’ve totally been where you are currently. Can you be more specific with you’re diet? Any supplements?

    I don’t care what anybody else says, THRUSH is highly contagious. It sounds like you are passing thrush back and forth sexually. You’re husband needs to be tested for thrush/candida. But if you suspect he already has it which he most likely does then he needs to get on a strict diet with you. This is a very informative site with lots of informative and helpful folks. There are tons of candida diets out there but compare you’re diet to one of those and see what needs to be modified. Thrush is extremely hard to get rid of. That’s why both of you will need to work together. And yes, most doctors are crazy to not believe thrush/candida does not exist. But even some naturopaths are clueless too. The best way to find out if you have candida in the blood is to get a thorough blood test done. Ask to be referred to a hematologist.


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    You don’t have systemic candida neither CRC. According to what you describe, I don’t think so.

    You have a resistant vaginal candidiasis (thrush is only oral candidiasis)

    In German, resistant vaginal candidiasis is treated successfully with 400 mg of Ketoconazole a day plus Boric Acid solution douches. This should be done until the infection disappear. If you need more than 21 days on Ketoconazole, your liver enzymes must be tested.

    Another successful treatment is Fluconazole 200 mg tablets plus Violet Gentian solution douches. Fluconazole is less agressive for the liver than Ketoconazole.

    You don’t need an anticandida diet but avoid sugary food. It is smart to limit refined carbohydrates until you overcome it.

    Try these suggestions and you probably resolve it. I will say that my second suggestion should be enough. Do it for the right time.


    This is a good paper for you to read :


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    NinaMarie: This is what I would typically eat/consume in a day including meds and supps.

    Oats with a chopped banana, little bit of milk and some mixed nuts
    a boiled egg
    a small cup of coffee
    a big cup of home made keffir with just a smidgen of honey

    Supplements: 2 Omega 3 fish oil caps
    a multivitamin
    a zinc tab
    a magnesium tab
    Kelp (source of iodine)
    a cod liver oil capsule (source of A & D)
    N-acetyl cisteine 2 grams (these last two reduce stress anxiety ect)
    Inositol 2 grams
    2.5 mg of dexamphetamine for ADD (a miniscule dosage a normal dose is like 30mg)
    corticosteroid inhaler and nasal spray to control allergies
    Yaz birth control Pill (i know this is not the cause cos ive had thrush much longer than ive been on this and this has helped me alot with PMDD and Acne.

    Lunch: a plate of rice and chicken or a sushi box

    Dinner: Hearty vegetable and chicken soup with some gluten free noodles in it and a camomile tea

    Next time I go to see the doctor about this i will bring my husband with me and ask for him to be tested as well. My husband has never complained about any symptoms at all but sometimes he has a strong amonia smell on his jonson but i think thats normal after a long hard day no?…

    Dvjorge: Im glad you dont think its systemic. However i did tick the following 9 out of the 30 criteria for candida related adrenal fatigue. Although the first few could easily be due to my ADHD.

    30. Irritability, impatience, quick to anger.
    24. Reduced memory
    9. Difficulty concentrating, brain fog
    25. Low libido, sexual drive or interest
    18. Allergies,
    15. Low blood pressure
    6. Sensitivity to light
    16. Sensitivity to cold
    13. Premenstrual syndrome

    I will ask my doc about the boric acid douche, i dont like the fact that he made me take the kataconozole twice and both times it didnt work, it has a long list of interactions with other drugs and is bad for your liver. But i would be willing to give it one more shot. Fluconazole is sold over the counter here so i have already tried that quite a few times aswell without success.

    Thankyou both for your replies


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    The reason you are not getting better is because you are not doing the diet strictly enough. You are eating things that still benefit the candida. You need to reduce the candida numbers in order to get better.

    Here are problems with your diet:

    -Oats: inflammatory, high in starch, is a grain
    -coffee: drains adrenals, contains molds (dried food item), damages kidneys and liver
    -honey: not that different than sugar
    -banana: pretty much the highest sugar fruit out there, 30g of sugar per each banana; also high in molds
    rice: high in starch, contains sugar, inflammatory
    gluten free noodles: are these grain free as well? contains rice?

    Still taking the birth control pill even though it is widely known that it can cause candida?

    My naturopath explained why he doesn’t use the western antifungal drugs: he said if someone punches you as you walk by their house every day, what are you going to do? Eventually you are going to walk down a different street. This is what the western antifungal drugs do, they push the candida deeper or in places where the drugs can’t reach them.

    My naturopath also feels that anyone who has candida on their sexual organs that they have candida in their kidneys. If you clean out your kidneys, this will likely reduce your sexual symptoms.



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    Neetah;40066 wrote:
    I take a nasal spray and an asthma puffer which both contain corticosteroids but i am always really careful to rinse my entire mouth really well so that i dont swallow any of it. My doctor says this is not the cause, only in rare cases can it cause localised oral thrush…anyone got an opinion on this?

    Advair? Is there a way you could stop taking it and find an inhaler without the corticosteroids? That’s how I got my oral thrush at first and that was over 6 years ago. Of course the doctor will say that it’s nonsense and that that wouldn’t be the cause, that’s what they told me in the ER back then. No doctor will ever admit the negative effects a medicine or whatever can have. If you stop taking that and do the diet you should probably start feeling better. I’m doing the strict diet now and my tongue isn’t looking as bad as it was six years or six weeks ago.


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    Lily J:

    For Asthma I take Seretide (Fluticazone propionate)
    For Allergic Rhinitus I take (Mometazone Furoate)

    I cant find any evidence online directly linking the use of these medicines in the form of an inhaler to vaginal thrush. Although it does say that seretide can give you oral thrush and i have never had that before)

    I take both in their lowest doses and even though the doctor insisted that it only works if taken every day. I find I get full relief from my symptoms by taking them both every other day. If i dont take these for a few days though the allergies and asthma creep back in and i end up having to take Antihistamine pills. I was reading an article on the internet that said antihistamine use could lead to candida but when i asked my doctor about it he said no not at all. So again conflicting evidence.


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