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    So my throat started hurting yesterday morning and keeps getting worse. If I look down my throat there are large red/yellow looking bumps on the very back of my tongue. On the right side of my tongue there are several really sore spots that are swollen and the top of my tongue is starting to hurt. My tongue is fairly white coated, but usually is. It looks like some white patches are developing in the back of my throat too. I’ve never had thrush, but assume that is what this is… as a die off reaction??? Does thrush usually hurt? This is pretty painful and I have had this horrible taste in my mouth for days. Do I need to be doing something for this, or just ignore it the best I can like the other die off reactions?


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    Hello, Amanda.

    If it is truly thrush, then it can be a rare form of die-off reactions, although thrush is actually Candida in the mouth. Of course I can’t see your throat so I have no idea if this is really what it is. However, the white patches definitely sound like Candida. My theory about thrush happening during a cleanse, detox, or even the diet itself is that the Candida is being cleaned from the body and this is simply one symptom that can show up as a reaction of the process. There are other symptoms which sometimes show up during one of these periods such as access flaking of the skin or a Candida rash.

    Go to Google and key in “thrush mouth” and then click on “Images” at the top-left of the page. See if your symptoms are similar to any of the photos.

    For treatment, definitely read the post titled “oral thrush” which I just bumped up so it should be easy to find. This should help your situation.


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