Threw up last night after eating meatloaf – good or bad sign?

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    So I’ve been doing the candida/leaky gut diet for a few weeks. Very strict diet of chicken, fish, low-medium glycemic vegetables, and that’s basically it. No nuts or grains of any sort.

    I’ve been looking and feeling so much better in the last 2 weeks, my skin problems have started to clear up and I’ve had so much energy. This all changed about 5 days ago after taking way too many antifungals. I got such terrible die-off, my skin got really terrible again, I had no energy for 2 days straight. Unfortunately this came right at the most stressful time of year – Christmas – I was running around shopping all day for 3 days straight and was really stressed out, which just made things worse.

    So last night after all that stress and being exhausted, I had a bunch of leftover meatloaf that one of my family members cooked. I have no idea what they used to make it. It could have been loaded with eggs, milk, cheese, for all I know. I was just so tired I didn’t care. I stuffed myself full of meatloaf and then immediately I got a terrible pain in my stomach. I was on the bathroom floor for 30 mins before I threw up. I threw pretty much all of it I think.

    I’ve never reacted to food this way before. Just 2 months ago I was eating chocolate and McDonalds with very minimal reactions. Is this a good sign that my stomach is adjusting well and that I’m healing. I’ve noticed lately I’ve actually started craving vegetables. It’s frustrating that Christmas derailed me like this cause I was doing so amazing just 5 days ago and now I look and feel like crap again, hopefully I can get back on track quickly


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    You are likely allergic to whatever was in the food. Since it was older food, it could’ve contained higher levels of mold, etc. I recommend not eating food that is leftovers, its harder to digest.

    Beef also contains microbes which can contribute to microbial overgrowth. If its not organic beef it can also contain antibiotics.


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