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    How high is the count in the Three-Lac supplements? I’ve been taking Ultimate Flora and using Bio-K and I’m just wondering if it’s a lot better, and if others have used it what their experiences have been?


    andrea james
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    I always get candida after taking too many antibiotics the Dr. prescribes (litle does he know he is just making me sicker!!)
    Last time i had candida i had it for a year and had no clue.
    i bought Threelac (excellent stuff) and ACS 200 advanced cellular silver
    and i also ate really healthy and i got rid of it in like 4 months or so.
    yes Threelac works!! try it.
    i do strongly recommend the ACS too!


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    Reply to: Andrea James Subject: ThreeLac

    Andrea, I’m so glad that ThreeLac worked for you. So you’re saying that it continued to work for the entire time you were on the diet? That’s amazing. I know that everyone is different, but I have to say that I tried it and it stopped working after 2 to 3 weeks. I also tried FiveLac, and I never saw a difference in my symptoms. It seems that every product that I’ve tried and worked, eventually loses its efficiencyy with my case. So discouraging.
    Way to go on your success. =)

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