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    Hey guys,

    So I started going hard on this anti candida stuff two weeks ago. I have had tinnitus since about september, which I didn’t know the cause. I recently had a doctor run a blood test for candida and it turns out I’m really positive.

    I saw 3 ENT’s and I have no hearing loss or other ear issues, so I’m almost positive (99.99999%) this issue stems from candida. Of course it gets worse with die off and after I take antifungals. And it gets lower after a sauna or epsom salt bath (detoxing I assume).

    I have searched this forum and it seems others have this problem. I’m wondering at what point does the tinnitus generally go away?. It’s pretty irritating lol; although it may have been getting lower (i think, not positive though) every day. And I have gotten MUCH better on the diet and w/ antifungals the past two weeks. Most of my other symptoms are drastically improving (fatigue, brain fog, etc)

    Anyways here’s my regimen if you guys have any comments

    -Strict diet, and very rarely fruit.
    -Candigone (almost done, will use antifungals after this is gone)
    -HCL tabs for meals
    -Activated charcoal and bentonite
    -biotin in the morning (5mg)
    -Digestive enzymes (just finished one bottle of candizyme)

    and lots of coconut oil, & probably other things i’m forgetting.

    I’m also wondering if its worth putting antifungals into a neti pot and into my sinuses. Although I don’t really think its actually in my sinuses. Let me know what you guys think.


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    tebzzz;39935 wrote: -Strict diet, and very rarely fruit.

    Did you ask for the forum’s stric diet? If you have it, fruit isn’t on that diet at all because it contains fructose, a sugar which feeds the Candida.



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    I’ve had one banana the whole time. Protein and vegetables only

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