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    For the past two years, I have dealt with what I believe now to be a Candida issue.

    I have always had reoccuring vaginal yeast infections that now just seem to be a persistent issue that I’ve learned to deal with, have chicken skin (have had it for ever, acne flair ups and serious issues with bloating/gas that can be very painful. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was in college that subsided after the birth of my first child but as things started to change hormonally with my body & age, I have thought that maybe my IBS had come back – until I found out about Candida.

    It sounds like there aren’t very many medical professionals who know about it or are willing to treat it so am I wondering if I’m up to self-diagnosing myself and seeing if a change in diet helps me or struggle to find a Dr who doesn’t think that I’m just depressed and need to up my antidepressant meds to “fix me”.

    Any help or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. This is something that I haven’t even broached with my husband until I think I’ve got a grasp on what I need to do to feel better.

    Thanks so much in advance!


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    Hello, welcome to the Candida Diet forum.

    If you do decide to see a doctor for a Candida diagnosis or treatment I would first search to see if there are any Naturopathic physicians in your area instead of a regular medical doctor.

    If you decide to do the diagnosis and treatment yourself, the people here on the forum can definitely help you with that as well as offering support whenever you need it.

    The way most of us did a self-diagnosis I suppose was to go on the diet and see what happens. For example, I noticed a slight difference in my symptoms within a week of starting the diet, plus, you’ll probably experience die-off symptoms after starting the diet, and this is another clue that it’s Candida you’re suffering from.

    Remember that you can always come here for advice and support.


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    I agree, I basically diagnosed myself once figured out food allergies were a major problem. I had naturopath give me antifunagls and then I just did diet on own. You will notice difference in first week if it is a problem. I had friend who tried it, and it wasn’t her issue, so noticed no difference. Just by change of diet without antifungals you will notice a difference, so if you want to save the trip to the doctor then just try the candida diet for a week. (no need to do cleanse in my opinion either)

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