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    A couple of posts concerning the “rash”:

    “Greebles” – I too have a terribly itchy rash. I don’t have a bath, but scrubbing selsun blue (with hands) and very hot water followed with calamine lotion has really been helping my itching. I still can’t sleep through the night but it is much less itchy during the day. I think it’s the calamine that relieves the itch.

    “Sby” – just want to give a shout-out for epsom salts. A bath as hot as one can stand with 2 cups of epsom salts really helps to pull out toxins if one soaks for at least 20-30 minutes. It definitely helped relieve the itchiness for several hours at a time for me, until the bumps and itchiness finally disappeared (took about a week). In between soaks I’d use a washcloth soaked in a bowl of hot water and epsom salts and apply where necessary.

    “Raster” – I have a scaly rash that almost looks like a burn with a ton of dandruff. The surface of the skin had a smoother feel to it. It affected the sides of my hair, and various places on the top of my head. It almost completely went away with the diet and then it flaired up and got worse. I am taking zypan, zymex II.

    “chilli” – Have you tried rubbing coconut oil on it? That may help! Try an oatmeal bath, Aveeno, or an extreme thing to try is (it works!) put on cotton pjs, and hop into a hot bath (yep with your PJs on) and stay in there until the water gets cool. Pull out the plug, and stay in empty bath, with your wet PJs on, until you start to shiver. Then, hop out, remove wet pjs, dry yourself and put dry COTTON pjs on and go to bed. Sounds very very bizarre but I promise you I’m not joking!! It does something to help the circulation which helps the rash/itch. I hope you start feeling relief soon!

    A lot of people have a rash after starting the treatment. A rash which starts or becomes worse after a treatment is started usually represents a healing reaction of the body; this is saying that it’s part of the cure. The poisons have to come out when you’re healing, and this is just one way that this takes place.

    Molybdenum usually helps with this as well as other reactions.



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    Thanks for posting this! My rash is so bad right now. Ah…NOT FUN!! But it is encouraging to hear that Lord willing it is part of the healing process!! I was using the C. oil, and O. oil, and took my first spoon of C. oil (YUCK), then my back super flared up!! So I’m stopping until I get home later this week before I really go after it! NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO DIE-OFF, especially since it seems to really come through my skin!

    I am so thankful for this site and all the wonderful and helpful information! Everybody has been so great!

    I did want to ask about the Coconut Oil. Do I have to take it by the spoonful? Ah…I almost choked!!! I can’t imagine doing this several times a day, with even bigger amounts!!

    I melted it and poured it into my lemon water and drank it. Does that count? If I could do it this way, it would be so much better for me?

    So, can I melt it and pour it in my lemon water?

    Thanks again!! 🙂

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